Scott Isbell “The One”

Scott Isbell at stars2come

 Scott has really been working hard on his career. Since his last appearance on stars2come, he has had some great things happen, and has made more great music. He is moving ahead from covers to now writing and producing his own songs. His recent single “The One” is amazing. This song has it all great lyrics and the music that he put with this song is fantastic, it is certainly some great vibes. Many great  songs are written about relationships and now we have another. Scott wrote this song about a girl  and how she is the one, and that he is going to treat her right. There is a great message for everyone in this song, that you should love and  treat your partner right.

 Scott is serious about music and he is leaving nothing out. To make his music even better and to make sure it is done the way he wants it, he has built his own recording studio. So everything you hear from now on it will be all him. He is becoming more and more creative everyday, and this is sure to take him to the next level. He runs his career much like is inspirations, Michael Jackson and Elvis. He does his own thing and makes sure he controls every part of what he does, from music to TV. He gets out and does all the foot work himself and it is paying off greatly.

 Scott has more great things to come. He is working on a new EP that he hopes will be released this spring called “Destiny”.  This summer be looking for his full album to come out called “Dreams 2 Destiny”.  When these songs are all released you are not going to want to miss out on them, they will be incredible. He does have a lot of great songs coming, but you might also be seeing him soon on America`s Got Talent. He was one of few that got a private audition requested by AGT. In-order for them to do this there has to be something special about the person and the quality they have.  Scott certainly does have all these things going in his favor, and he is going to go far. Just take a listen and you will hear the quality that Scott has, he is amazing.

 Be-sure to check out Scott on the award winning TV show Auqa Kids, and stop by and pick up his new single “The One“.