Scott Isbell

Scott Isbell at stars2come Scott is a fantastic pop and R&B singer, he can get right in with the best of them. He has a great stage presence, he can work the stage very well. He is great to watch, it is truly amazing how much he gets into his songs. One thing about him, if you go and watch him on stage, he is not just going to sing for you, he is going to put on a good show too.

Scott is from Massachusetts, and started singing about the age of three. He loved listening to Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. He would mimic what they would sing and do, this is where everything took off, and he hasn`t stopped since. Elvis and Michael was his true inspirations, this is who he wanted to listen to, he had no interest in the latest on the radio. His favorite songs was “Hound Dog” and “You Are Not Alone”. Scott started out as an Elvis Impersonator, this is where he got the feel of show business. He liked playing Elvis so much he even had his own custom jumpsuits, his favorite was the Hawaiian. He also performed in talent shows, singing recitals from his music school, church youth choir, musicals, and then at twelve years old, he competed on USA’s Most Talented Kids as a singer and represented Massachusetts.


Scott Isbell at stars2come

 Scott loves performing, and he puts his all in each and everyone. He has performed  on the Emmy Award winning TV show Community Auditions, where he sang his original “I Miss You.” He has also performed at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, Ryles Jazz Club with Nickelodeon star Lil JJ, and many more. He got the privilege of opening up for Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian last year.  Brand Nubian is a legendary Hip Hop group.  Lord Jamar has been on some of the Wu-Tang Clan albums, plus he has done some performing in shows that were put on by Wu-Tang Management, and performed for Ne-Yo and his label, Compound Entertainment. 

 Not only is Scott an amazing performer, but an actor as well. You can find him on the TV show, Aqua Kids, a marine biology children’s show. He is also in a movie “Ironsides” here he played Chris, where he played a boy magician.  

 Scott can really do it all, and in everything he does he puts 100% into it, this also goes for his songwriting abilities he writes his own lyrics, and will have a CD out in the first part of 2011. This should be an excellent CD. Scott has a lot of great inspirations to make these things happen, he gets some from Elvis and Michael, but most important from his family supporting him all the way. He hopes that one day, he gets signed by a major label, and share his music around the world. Scott has gotten a great start and with the spirit he has when it comes to music, his dream is sure to come true.