Sebastian Janoski

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Sebastian is a wonderfully talented young man with a great tone to his voice that complements any song he sings. He is great at guitar and when you add that with his vocals you get some fantastic music.

  His singing career all came about through his aunt Ann Straley. He heard her sing “Come Together” by the Beatles at a gig she was performing at, and at that moment he knew that is what he wanted to do. After the gig he went straight home and started right away. It was also his aunt that invited him on stage when he was about seven to open her gig. One of his favorite performances was in 2011 where he sang an hour set at the Alfest celebrating the life and battles of his aunt’s best friend, Alene Mcdermott. Alene is also one of his mentors. This was his very first long performance.

He not only gets a lot of inspiration from Michael Jackson,who has really furthered his career, but also his aunt who started and very much furthered his career by a landslide. He has come to love singing and being able to express his feelings through his music. He loves how singing makes him feel free, and he says, when he is on stage that is where he feels the most comfortable. He feels that singing is something he exceeds at and can fulfill his life with. He hopes to make a living and be able to help others with his music.

Like any good artist he also writes. So far he has written ten songs that he is satisfied with. One of these songs called, “Taken By Pain” really speaks to him, because he was frequently bullied at school. He takes his ideas for writing from things that hurt him or makes him happy.

Sebastian would like people to know that he is not in this for fame or fortune, but it is what he loves to do and wants to sing for the rest of his life. He is starting really well in his career, and with that great tone in his voice he should have no trouble keeping his dream alive. He is certainly one to keep your eye on as he climbs the ladder in the music industry.