Selena Caltabiano

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Selena is a great pop sensation out of Australia. She has a wonderful voice similar to Selena Gomez. It is very inviting and keeps you focused on the song and not wondering off. This is a great thing to be able to keep someone’s attention, that means you have what it takes to be a star. Selena co-wrote a song song called, “A Girl Like You”, and it is incredible. This song could easily make it’s way up the pop charts. This song was written basically for the people she talks with on twitter. She is a major twitter  bug, and she took ideas from what people had  happened to them and what had happened with her with bullying. Selena left school at fourteen years and finish her education at home due to all the bullying. She wants everyone to feel good about themselves no matter what anyone else says, we are all special.

Selena has been singing for many years, and all the time she has put into it is very noticeable in her tone quality, and her ability to deliver a song effectively.  She has always been involved in school choirs, and eisteddfods, but the most meaningful performance that she has given was for her teacher’s wedding. She said, it was a huge compliment to be asked to perform on such a special day, it meant a lot to be a part of something so meaningful. Selena loves the feeling that she gets when she sings. Singing for something like this wedding had to “feel” very special. She truly loves to sing no matter the situation or event, for her it is giving her the chance to forget about the things going on around her. She loves the whole process from beginning to the end, going to the studio and spending all day making music.

Selena hopes to not only continue with her music, but to also pursue her acting career. She says, it would be great to do both. She is planning to come to the US later this year to do some acting courses and see what the entertainment industry is like here. Selena also wants to make music that people can relate to, have fun with, and hopefully make them feel good about themselves. She truly lives and breathes singing and acting.

Selena might not be on every radio yet, but her music is great listening for anyone.  She is super talented with a wonderful gift for singing, and looking to the positive things in life even when things in life are not  going so well. When you tune in to Selena, you are going to love what you hear.