I would like to introduce Sessy  fourteen years old from Texas USA, she is fairly new to YouTube and  shows some great potential. She has good control and her Mexican heritage gives her voice a nice tone that compliments her songs.

 Sessy started singing about nine years old. She loves sing because you can make it your own and make it sound good. Taking a song and creating your story out of it based on how you feel sad or happy is a talent that all real artists must have. She is currently taking voice and acting lessons in order to better her self.

Sessy has performed in her school talent show , basketball games and at a festival called Wolf Fest. She says she would like to be a singer or actress someday. She has auditioned for Nickelodeon and she really loved the experience. She says,  if she puts 100% into it and that is not enough then she will put in 110%. That is a great attitude to have. One of the things she says I like real well is , no matter what you put in or learn , or what you gain it`s about yourself,  that you are happy. That is a very true statement. One of her favorite performers is Shakira she like how she finds her way into her music and brings out joy. That is exactly what music is it is something that brings joy to us all. If you would like to stop by and say hi to Sessy and give her your support you can at her channel.