Shane Treloar


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Shane is one amazing ten year old. He was born for Broadway, he has the vocals, and expression that makes a great Broadway star. Even at just ten he is already getting a good range allowing him to handle more songs with great precision.   A lot of this range may be coming from the fact that he started to sing once he began to talk. Now he is currently taking vocal lessons from Etta Cox, in the Pittsburgh area.  He had his first performance at seven years old, at his school`s talent show. At the show he sang “My Heart Will Go On”, by Celine Dion. This performance led to an offer from an area studio owner, Karen Prunzik to join the studio and study to be a triple threat.

After his first performance he has taken off and has done some amazing performances. Access Broadway is a New York talent search that goes to Pittsburgh and has hundreds of singers and dancers from all over competing. Shane competed in 2010, and 2011. From these two times that he has competed, he has won many awards platinum, high score, and best in class. He likes that the judges for the talent search  have all performed on Broadway and he likes to get their critiques so he knows what to work on. This year he entered the Kean Idol for the first time, and here he made it to the finals and won an audience choice award. This was amazing for him because he got to meet Jackie Evancho who had performed at the same competition in the past. Jackie was the presenter of the awards. Shane`s largest crowd to date was at the Washington Wild Things baseball game. He sang “God Bless America”  in the 7th inning in front of 3500 people. They liked him so well, they have invited him back next year for the National Anthem. This also caught the attention of their MLB the Pittsburgh Pirates. He will be singing the Anthem for them on September 14th. You can bet that the audience will be in for a great treat. Karen Prunzik`s Broadway Dance Studio puts on a spring musical every year and Shane loves being part of the performances. He says, that the preparation and rehearsals are preparing him for future stage performances.

Shane loves to sing and perform, it makes him feel happy inside and loves going to different places to perform. Right now he wants to be on America`s Got Talent and be on a Disney Channel show. Shane has the right attitude in what he does, giving him has a great chance of accomplishing his dreams. Shane says, boys can do many other things than just play sports, and singing and dancing you get to perform with pretty girls. He is glad that God gave him a big voice and that he hopes that he will always perform and make people happy as much as it makes him. Shane has so much going for him that it would be no surprise to see his name up in lights on Broadway one day soon. The voice he has truly belongs on Broadway. Be sure to keep an eye on Shane and watch him climb to the stars.