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Roseville, Illinois is a small town with a hand full of people where new comer, Shaniah Paige begins her journey. From a small town to the big stage is the story of many country music artists. Now Shaniah can hang her hat on that small town shelf alongside those great artists from Loretta Lynn, to Blake Shelton. There is something about small towns that grow the best artists, and the small town of Roseville didn’t miss a beat with Shaniah. Shaniah’s down home country sound is about as good as it gets.

Just like most performers Shaniah too, started off in school plays. Her seventh grade year she played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Since this beginning, Shaniah has been traveling and performing on stages in Illinois, Tennessee, California, Florida and Iowa. It is evident she is not holding back, she knows what she wants, and going after it.

Shaniah’s drive and skill as an artist has earned her many exciting performances. One performance she enjoyed doing was at the Dolphin Swan Resort in Disney World for the Premier Event in July 2014. This was exciting for her because this is where she was discovered in 2012. She was on stage with three Disney stars during the award show. Skai Jackson from Jessie was one of those stars.

Shaniah has made many monthly trips to Nashville and performing at songwriter nights with great artists like, Damien Horne, Dave Gibson, Peter Mayer, Shawn Mayer, and Brendan Mayer.

Out it Hollywood Shaniah performed at the Redbury Hotel as part of the HMMA’s (Hollywood Music in Media Awards). She said this was very cool, her guitarist was Steve Fekete from the Cassadee Pope Band and her drummer was Demian Arriaga from the Jonas Brothers.

Shaniah Paige at stars2come True performers are drawn to the stage whether they are the ones on it or not. Shaniah shares this same feeling, even when she is watching someone else. The stage is where she wants to be, it is where she feels free. “While on stage, I know that, that is where my story begins that I get to tell people. I get to tell people my story through my songs”, said Shaniah. She also says performing isn’t just about getting up on stage and singing. It’s about making people around you feel like they are up there too and feeling free. Her goal is to be on that stage telling her story, and making a difference to people.

You know when someone’s hometown is special when they write a song and title it after it, just like Shaniah did with, Roseville. This is a song about what it is to grow up in her small town as a teenager. It’s about having great friends and family that everyone knows. Shaniah co-wrote this song with her producer Andrew Lane and Kacie Brown. The song is one that everyone needs to hear, and the video is something no one should miss. Shaniah says the video was to show how great it is to grow up in a small town in the Midwest.  It focuses on a young couple who eventually have to separate as the girl goes off to college. In the video they also wanted to show the country fields and the small town charm of Roseville. She also says it was an awesome experience because she was able to have her friends in the video shoot. The whole town was involved in the shoot, and pretty much shut the whole town down for the weekend.

Roseville is an amazing song. The town should be very proud to have a song about them coming from one of their own, but this is not the only song Shaniah has written. She has co-wrote five songs and one by herself. She says now that she is writing, each song has its purpose, each song is based on an event that has happened in her life.

Keep an eye out for Shaniah and get out and see her. She has many events coming up that she is excited about and getting booked locally. Building a fan-base  is a major thing for any artist and Shaniah is continuing to work on her’s, growing it even bigger.

There’s a lot to Shaniah, singing is not all she does. She is an actress and has had a couple of auditions for Disney and Nickelodeon shows. After that, she is a true teenager doing the same things as others. Hanging out with friends, going to movies, and going out with her boyfriend. She loves Netflix and she cries when she laughs.

Being a star takes more than just being able to sing well, a lot of people can do that. It takes values and the ability to look past yourself. To know that everyone you perform for, has a story, and the story that you tell truly has meaning. Your story will help them reflect on their own, in doing so forms a bond between the fan and the artist. Shaniah connects so well with her audience. The stories she is telling are not only her life, but everyone listening can find themselves in there as well.

Small towns, big legends, Shaniah Paige, all goes hand in hand.