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Shelby is truly an amazingly talented young lady who has just recently made her way to YouTube, but with her talent she will not stay new for long. Shelby has such a wonderful voice people will soon be talking about her all over, and begging for more.

Shelby has done a lot of school plays since pre-school, but she officially started performing in public around the age of eight when she joined a local musical theater company. She said, she didn’t know at that age that she would want to do singing and acting as a career, she just knew it was a lot of fun entertaining people. At this theater is where some of her favorite performances were. She got to be Elphaba in the play Wicked, also play Beauty in Beauty and the Beast. Another great performance for her was near New Years last year, she sang “At Last” by Etta James. To top it all off she won best singer on New Years Eve. She also sang at a wedding when she was eleven years old, here she sang, “Love Story” by Taylor Swift.

Shelby might be new, but she came out with a bang covering the song, “Stay” by Rihanna. In this video she really nails this song beautifully. She really likes Rihanna because she has such an amazing voice and her stage presence is awesome. She chose this song because it has great meaning and it instantly became one of her favorite songs right after she heard it. This was a very cool video, it was filmed on the island of O’ahul.

For Shelby she just loves entertaining people, and singing makes her very happy. She said it is such a joy making people laugh and smile. It also makes her laugh when people say, how can such a big voice come from such a small body after they hear her sing. She currently sings at four octaves and is making her way to five.  She works hard at what she does and she hopes to be a singer that brings back what pop originally was meant to be, meaningful lyrics and a good beat. When she sees a movie and starts to laugh or cry, it inspires her to be the best she can be.

Shelby does like to write and has written over 200 songs. A lot of these songs are very special to her because they are like her diary entries. She hopes to inspire people with her songs and make them feel something. She also has an original song coming out called, “Mountains”. This song should be available on iTunes  next month. You know if she sings Stay as good as she does, then this new original will be dynamite! What she loves about this song is that it has meaningful lyrics, and a great pop/R&B vibe which she loves.

Singing and acting is her passion and she is very grateful to have such a supportive mom and dad. She loves performing and making people happy and she hopes people will enjoy watching her videos. She is excited about a new video coming out very soon and some cool collabs.

Shelby is just so talented, she will be one of those that will rise up into the millions of views, and be there quickly. She is someone to keep track of regular because she is for sure a star to come.