Sheralyn Hill

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Australia is just busting at the seams with great artists and Sheralyn hill is one of these great artists. She carries a voice that is as beautiful as she is and both together equals sensational. Sheralyn always dresses the part when performing giving her a great stage presence, and she does everything professionally and the audience loves her. It is like she has been doing this forever.

Sheralyn started her wonderful journey when she was only six years old. She first performed at the Mornington Centro Idol and she let everyone hear just what her voice could do and won the junior section. This was a great accomplishment, but that wonderful voice of her’s won her many awards over the next few years. Some of the more recent awards are, Bendigo Estedford 4 x 1st place 2010 and 3 x 1st place 2011, the Stagedoor 2012, and she also reached the judges deliberation round on Australia’s Got Talent 2011 and 2012 after receiving 3 yeses from the judges. She has done really well with everything she started, and Sheralyn may have already won many awards, she has even more yet to come.

Sheralyn has performed in many places with people enjoying her singing everywhere she goes. Although she has performed a lot she does have a couple that stands out to her. One of the performances that stands out to her is being a special guest at the 2009 launch of the NSW rugby league season at St. Mary’s Rugby Leagues Club in Sydney. Also she was chosen to be apart of the David Jaanz School of Singing Top 30 for the past five years.

Sheralyn really loves to entertain an audience and she always enjoys receiving their appreciation when she does well. When performing Sheralyn likes to cover artists such as, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Miley Cyrus. Sheralyn is a great artist and she is amazing with the covers that she does, but that may be a thing of the past not too much farther down the road. Sheralyn has now started writing songs of her own and one day she will be out on that stage putting on one amazing performance being totally her. She is so talented that once she starts getting her own songs out she is going to take over Australia, she is super talented and one can only imagine how awesome hers songs will be.

Sheralyn is a wonderful and talented girl. She says she believes in being yourself, having your own identity and following your dreams. She is truly following her dreams and making many people happy along her way. Her beautiful voice will take her a long way in music. For those of you that would like to hear Sheralyn live, you can do so at the Stagedoor in September, she will be a guest there for winning last year. She is truly amazing.