Siahna Im “The Voice”

Siahna Im

The Voice is back for season nine and they are not holding back, and neither is the talent. On September 21st Siahna Im stepped out on that huge stage and burnt it up! During her performance she had the audience engaged and screaming throughout the performance, with Gwen chiming in on top of it all. With a three chair turn, Siahna is off to a great start.

The journey on The Voice has been amazing she says, but it all began from searching for places to sing. Siahna was searching online for places to perform when she ran across open auditions for The Voice. Siahna and her family watch the show regularly and felt it would be a great opportunity.

At her first audition, Siahna and her dad waited in line for five hours along with thousands of other talented singers. “I felt so blessed to be chosen to go on to the first of many other auditions before making it to the blinds” says Siahna. She had no idea how long the process would be going in, but it has been the most amazing experience.

Finally it was time for the blinds, and Siahna was nothing, but excited to get on that stage. Performing is what she loves to do and she was happy to get out there, and share her love of music with the people. “I knew it was my one shot to impress the four amazing artists sitting in front of me, so I savored the ninety seconds I got to sing my song as much as I could”, said Siahna.

Siahna came out on stage, lit the stage on fire and burnt it down. Nothing was held back in her performance. From the beginning, her sassy attitude and expressions had the audience going all the way through the song. It was exciting all the way and kept you glued to every word.

Siahna Im at stars2come  The performance Siahna gave, earned her a three chair turn around.  “It was a great feeling when Gwen turned around because I knew that meant,  no matter what else happened, I was going through to the next round” said Siahna. From that moment on, she was nothing, but smiles. About half way through the song, she realized that Blake and Pharrell had turned around as well. “The excitement got to me and I might have stuttered on a couple of lines in the song”, Siahna says. She also said she tried to play it cool, but she was really screaming inside. Once it was said and done, Siahna chose Pharrell as her coach.

Choosing a coach was easy for Siahna. Pharrell is someone she had been following for sometime. She had gained considerable knowledge of Pharrell thanks to her brother. She says she would ride in his car with his subs blasting, “Drop It Like It’s Hot”. “I really appreciate everything Pharrell has done for music, and his accomplishments inspire me to be great” says Siahna. She is excited to work with Pharrell and learn how the mind of a producer works.

What a great turn around for a fifteen year old girl out of a small town in Washington state. Prior to The Voice there just were not many places for anyone her age to sing. A few cafe’s and open mics is about it. With little experience, to go climb on the big stage at The Voice, and do what she did, is just pure raw and  gifted talent. Through The Voice, Siahna is looking to gain experience, and learn from some of the most successful people in music.

Siahna has been back home since the show aired, and the reception has been amazing for her. “My high school is very excited for me. Whenever I walk down the hallways, a lot of people congratulate me” says Siahna. She said some people look at her as someone different now, but she assures them, she is the same old Siahna.

Auditioning for The Voice has been a good experience for Siahna, and says anyone looking to do the same should go for it. “Don’t second guess yourself. As everyone always says, you’ll only regret the chances you didn’t take” says Siahna.

Keep tuned into The Voice to watch Siahna’s journey on the show. It will be her natural talents along with her uniqueness that will take her far into the show, and just possibly win. When it comes time, be sure and vote.