Sidney Bowen

Sidney Bowen




Sidney is an amazingly talented pop/rock singer who lives for the stage. She has a great sound and look for the stage and when she is performing she puts it all in, holding nothing back. One of her great performances can be found in her video, “Caught In Between”; this song was also written by her. Sidney did a great job in this video and she did exactly what you are supposed to do, she kept the audience focused on her. The wonderful smile she held throughout, along with good movements, and great outfits, these things made this a very enjoyable video. Her vocal performance of the song was amazing it keeps you wanting to listen over and over. The song “Caught In Between” is about the place where you feel stuck in between being a kid and a young adult. Sidney said she was turning thirteen and kind of didn’t want to grow up, but couldn’t stop it. She also says, the funny thing is that adults relate to it too because they all remember how it felt when they were in that place. The talent she has for writing really stands out in all of her songs. Another great song from Sidney is “How You Roll”. This song is all about her dad. She says he is such an amazing person and he is the one person that can always make her laugh. He keeps her from taking herself too seriously, as well as life. She really wanted to tell him all the ways he makes her happy. She feels a lot of girls will relate to this song.

Sidney is a wonderful writer and performer, but like most she started at an early age. She started out performing in musical theater when she was seven years old, but her first singing performance was when she was ten singing with a classic rock band. This was a concert in the park and they opened for a local Reggae band called, Common Sense. After performing here she was hooked, and she has never looked back. This all may have started her, but performing has always been in her blood. She was always singing and watching Disney princess movies; they have a video of her singing and performing 24/7. When she was with her friends she would make them dress up and put on a show with her. However recently she was inspired when she went to a Christina Perri performance. Sidney went to NAMM this year and got a chance to meet her. Christina asked Sidney if she would come to her concert, she did and couldn’t believe how beautiful she sounded and how well she connected with the audience.

She is also a great guitarist and started taking lessons at age ten as well. She said she tried piano at first, but that just wasn’t her thing. She wanted to write music so her parents thought she might like the guitar, and she loved it right away. How ever it was not until she was endorsed by Daisy Rock Guitars that she felt like she was truly a musician.

For Sidney playing the guitar, and writing has done much more than just make her a great performer, it has made her an “artist”. Her talents as an artist has gained her many performances. She has performed at the Orange County Fair three times. She said it was amazing performing there because it is a big festival and they have a giant stage. She said the Fusion Music Fest last summer was super fun because it was held at Paramount Ranch and there were lots of really great bands and artists there. The Orange County Family was another fun event because it’s a fair camp for kids. This is only a few of her performances, there are far too many to mention. This is a good indicator of just how popular Sidney and her music is.

For three years Sidney performed with a classic rock band and they are seen in the video “Caught In Between”. She really wanted to perform more current music and her originals, so she started an acoustic trio and they perform all over southern California from Santa Barbara to Orange County. They perform almost every weekend.

She has found over time that singing allows her to express herself and gives her a sense of freedom she doesn’t have anywhere else. She says she is a bit quiet and shy, but when she gets on that stage and sings, there is no better feeling. Most of the time she finds singing easier than speaking.

Sidney hopes to continue writing and performing her music, but more importantly for her music to reach and connect with people. Sidney says there is a lot of pressure socially and academically on teens, and if her music can in some way make them feel less alone and its ok to reach out, she will feel hugely successful.

Sidney has two more songs coming out this month and next, with music videos and a ton of live performances all through out summer.

She is  very perceptive about people, its kind of her superpower. This has made her an advocate for the underdog. She says she may be a bit introverted, but she always speaks up when someone is being mistreated or disrespected. This is the part of her that is brave.

Sidney has a lot going for her, she is amazingly talented, and a super nice person. She is someone who the camera loves, and has great charisma on stage. She is like the majority of artists when it comes to being shy, and once she hits the stage its gone. Sidney enters her own world when performing and she takes the audience with her. All anyone needs to do is watch and listen and they will see why she is in so much demand, she’s awesome!