Singer/Songwriter “Hannah Richardson”

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Pennsylvania singer/songwriter Hannah Richardson has finished creating her latest masterpiece and it’s sure to launch her higher in the music world. Hannah’s new album is titled, “Roots”. It was she, who wrote and produced every song on the album adding even more credit to her creativity. The song Roots is a testament of her feelings and who she wishes to become. She was looking to put together a song with a country pop vibe along with some rock influences and that is what Roots is.

Lost Girl is another song on Hannah’s album and it has become one of her favorites. “Lost Girl is the most emotional song on the album for me” says Hannah. She feels the song will be accepted by most as a love story between Peter Pan and Wendy Darling, Wendy being the lost girl. The song was actually written about death and holding on to someone after they have died. Before Lost Girl became part of the album, it was originally intended to be a composition for a film Hannah was directing. Hannah decided she loved the song too much to use it as a school project. After listening to the final version, her sound engineer, Kit Worton said, it’s the best one, and it became her favorite on the album.

All songs on her album are all well written. While writing songs to make up the album, she was thinking about small things that have shaped her life to be what it’s today. “Overall, my objective for the album was to create something cohesive that showed my fans what my life has been leading up to” says Hannah. The songs represent little pieces of who she really is, which makes it her most personal material yet.

Hannah absolutely loves writing music. “I am such a weirdo in the fact that I am obsessed with film scores. While studying I listen to John Williams, Thomas Newman, John Newton Howard, ect.” says Hannah. These people are a big influence in the orchestral part of her songs. “Writing has truly become a passion of mine, and it’s one of the most rewarding parts of being a singer” says Hannah. A lot of the time when Hannah is writing something, and she believes it sounds okay, she will sing it and that tells if it’s alive or not. If the song is alive she will continue with it, if not it goes in the vault. “I write for the same reasons that I sing; it’s an escape from my everyday life” Hannah says. Writing is something that lets her be exactly who she is without being judged.

There are many sides that make up who Hannah is, especially in music. Producing is another part of her artistry. She has worked with her sound engineer Kit Worton of Right Touch Studios for about six years now. Kit has been a big influence when it comes to her recording. “He pushes me to be the very best I can be and always recommends changes to be made if the music or lyrics can be better” says Hannah.

People who venture into the music business often finds themselves going down many avenues creating legends that others seek out. Two people that are going down different streets are Pharrell and Sia. Neither of the two only sings, Pharrell writes and produces, Sia writes and plays a large part in the direction of her videos.  They are so creative that major artists are lined up just to get a song from them or produced. This is the direction Hannah is headed. Hannah has always been strong when it comes to singing, but her writing and producing could make Hannah into a corporation. She too could be highly sot after very soon. “I think singing will always be what I love the most, but writing would absolutely be a way to work with incredible musicians, and create pieces that other artists can use to make their fans happy” says Hannah.

It has been a big project to write and produce Hannah’s new album, but she has also been juggling theater in with it as well. This past year she was in fifty five  shows playing roles in, 1776 as The Courier, Betty Crocker, Kinsey, and Rock & Roll as Bonnie Sue, and The Adams Family as Pugsley. Afterwards she reprised her role as, Freckleface Strawberry for school districts in Pennsylvania.

This year  Hannah has her album coming out along with lyric and music videos. “These videos are already looking like my best yet, and I cannot wait for everybody to see them” says Hannah. The first one coming, a lyric video to “Roots”; according to Hannah, it’s her most challenging project she has ever done. The video for Roots looks to be released in June. There’s also many concerts coming up, and she is hoping to create a partnership with some companies.

As time goes on, Hannah is becoming more and more connected with young girls through her music. “I’ve realized how much I love being an influence, hopefully a good one. These girls call themselves, “sparklers” says Hannah. This year she hopes to meet more of them and encourage them to become the “sparklers” that they really are.

Hannah’s journey has taken her many places in music. She made her start at singing, but in her longing to become better, Hannah has discovered what all truly lies beneath. She has flourished into basically, her own record company. Over time Hannah has realized hard work pays off and has grown many wonderful and loyal fans. It’s very possible that Hannah will be a major artist one day, but also a writer as well. There are many great singers just like her that are trying to make their way, but lack the ability to write, and Hannah can fill that void. And it’s something she can do now. The gifts that Hannah has will help her fulfill her dreams and bring joy to many.