Sir Castanon “Puppeteer”


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Sir Castanon, has really got it going on. He has a lot of style, and the look he has created is totally different than any other artist out there, and standing out from the rest is what it is all about. His character comes to life very well in his new single “Puppeteer”. People across the country are going to loves this. What he has created is better than anything Lady Gaga ever dreamed up, and that is just how the video to “Puppeteer”, came about. Sir Castanon said, that the idea for the video came to him in a dream, sort of like a vision. He woke up and wrote it all down, and soon his dream became a reality. He says, that he has worked on TV and movies before, but making the video was so much harder. He is how ever very pleased with the final product. You can bet anyone that sees this video is going to love the product as well. His single “Puppeteer” is up for Pop Single of the Year, and he, is also up for Pop Artist of the Year at the 21st LA Music Awards.

 Sir Castanon, has accomplished a lot in the short time he has been singing professionally, which has only been two years.   Everything started coming to life with Sir Castanon, with his performance at the Knitting Factory, in 2009. This was really amazing for him because he got to perform his original material, along with having some amazing dancers. One of his favorite performances was when he opened for Cody Simpson, in Kansas City. He says, the energy of the crowd was amazing and the people there were very nice.

He gets a lot of his inspiration from some of the eccentric artists like Lady Gaga, Kiss, and Adam Lambert, just to name a few. It will not be long before people will be getting their inspiration from Sir Castanon. He has the imagination, and creativeness that will make him an icon in the industry. His love for performing is going to take him all the way to the top. He says, that performing is such an indescribable rush.

Sir Castanon, is no stranger to the camera either. He has been on several TV shows, and a few of them are Ghost Whisperer, NCIS, and Crossing Jordan. He also played Adam Sandler`s son in the movie Click, and has received two Young Actor Awards for his different roles.

There has been a lot of great things that has happened in his career, but he does not do any of it for fame and fortune. His main goal is to inspire people and to do what he loves. He says, if he only inspires and gives hope to just one person, then it has all been worth it. He hopes to be able to change the way people think about others and themselves. One of the main themes in his album is self love and self acceptance. He says, it is a lot easier to spread love to others if you  love your self. Sir Castanon looks at things with such a great attitude you can not help, but gain inspiration from him.

Sir Castanon has a great album out that you don`t want to miss out on. Be sure to stop by and get your copy of “Puppeteer“,   and keep track of what`s new at Sir Castanon.