There has been many groups in pop and country and they have all been great, but none can even compare to, SIR3N! This trio of girls has everything that the music industry could ever want, talent, spectacular harmonies, and beauty. When you have a solo act or a group like SIR3N that are so good, that amazing or awesome can even come close to describing people like this. SIR3N is a group that once you hear them you are hooked for life. The individual vocals and the harmonies they have are perfect, there is no one out of sync or off-key, the music they deliver is brilliant!  SIR3N is true artistry!

  SIR3N is made up of three beautiful and talented girls; Madison Deadman (16) sings Melody with Power, Megan Casey (16) Sings Harmony with Class, Bryana Dorfman (15) sings Harmony with Style. This group was formed not too long ago in August of 2012, and it sounds like they have sang together all their lives. Madison’s dad is the one who had envisioned  SIR3N. It took a long time to find just the right mix to bring this group to life. Kevin, Madison’s dad and their manager started with Madison as the melody, but he knew strong harmonies would separate them from solo acts or other groups. He called Megan Casey from a past group knowing she had a good work ethic, attitude, a desire to be great, personality, charm, beauty, the ability to get along, and strong harmonizing skills which made her the perfect candidate for SIR3N. Then to fill the third spot took a great deal of time to find just the right match. They had months of auditions and seen hundreds of girls with no luck finding that perfect fit. It was very important that the other girl have, great stage presence, unique country vocals, the ability to harmonize, the right look, the right attitude, and mostly the ability to not only get along, but be their new sister. Kevin did not want to settle on a duo, so the search continued. One day Madison and her dad was looking through some photos and saw one of her old friends Bryana Dorfman that she had done a theater show with. Bryana had played Annie a few years ago, but at just eleven years old her voice then was not quite seasoned. Looking at her photo her dad could see she had matured and had the right look, but mostly he remembered her stage presence, so that made her worth looking into. He called her for an audition and within a few minutes they all knew she was the right person to fill the spot. The girls started to work right away and they have all been like sisters ever since. With this project they learned a valuable lesson and that is starting with the right foundation is the only way to be strong. Through Kevin’s determination and patients the group was finally formed and well worth the wait. SIR3N is sensational!

SIR3N  SIR3N felt ready to get out and start performing, but Kevin reminded them of past mistakes that they should not make again; going at it at maybe only 70%. They wanted to have six songs that were solid and Kevin told them when they are at their best, then things would present themselves and they did. Their very first gig was in front of 40,000 people at Comerica Park singing the National Anthem for the Detroit Tigers last home game. Soon after this performance they were contacted by Winter Garden Theater on Broadway in New York. SIR3N performed a set for the cast of Mama Mia and a small audience. They also do many charity events.

 This great trio puts a lot of work in what they do to remain tight and be the best they can be. They will spend 3 to 6 hours per week working on their harmonies together and plus extra time working on what they can get done by themselves. They really love being a group and have become like family. All three are very talented individually and could easily be solo artists, but together they are a force.

 They hope to find someone who believes in them as much as they believe in themselves. They believe they can make money for the right group of people who are willing to invest in them. Their goal is to make money for a label and themselves, but mostly entertain those who find them entertaining. That is one thing about this group they are very entertaining, and the industry is in dire need of a girl trio like SIR3N. Who ever does sign them will certainly make a great deal of money and SIR3N will become superstars.

 All three of these girls have been involved in TV and films, which will gain them a great deal of notoriety. Bryana just finished the movie Mimesis and she was on TV when she sang at the Comerica Park. Megan sang the National Anthem on TV for the Detroit Pistons in front of 30,000 people. She has also sang on channel 7 WXYZ news a few times, and had a role in the movie Bully Chronicles. Madison is also an actress and has been in a few commercials. She has also done a pilot for a sitcom called, Spunky Airlines and been in a couple of episodes of The Wannabees, and several music videos. Madison had the lead role in the Bully Chronicles, and does voice work for CBS. Plus singing the National Anthem on TV for the Detroit Tigers and Pistons. All of this goes to show there are far more to these girls than just awesome voices.

 SIR3N has done a lot of things and all of it together has made them a force to be reckoned with and they are moving on up into major artistry.  These girls are taking everything to another level with writing their owns songs. Writing your own songs and the songs being awesome makes a person or group a true artist and will set them apart from everyone else, and in the music industry being different, and songwriting is what gets you noticed. So far they have written three songs together, but many more individually. One of the songs they wrote together is called “Big City Bound” it is special to them because it is about them and what they want to do. They want to get out of the small town they live in so they can make and perform music on a larger scale. They are finishing up on a new song called, “The Patriot”. This will be their first true ballad. They say it makes everyone cry when they hear it. If SIR3N has a song and can deliver it to make someone cry, then they have the perfect pitch to the labels. It has always been said, to make it in country music you “must” touch the audience in the heart. The ideas for songs whether it is an original or rearranged covers comes from them and their life experiences. Since they are pretty young the experiences they have are limited so you hear a lot of stuff about boys, dumping boys, anti-bullying, and simple fun.

 SIR3N is made up of three wonderful girls and they all have different ideas about what they would want others to know about them; here is what they had to say when asked:

1.) First of all Megan is not a giant – LOL she is 5’6″ Bry and I are 4’11” so she appears to be a giant. LOL—- Bry wants it known that even though we are 4″11″ we belt like a 6’7″ Aretha Franklin!!!!!   2.) We are all very patriotic and love our Country- We wish and encourage all of our generation to be as proud as us.   3.) We are all spiritual and faith in our own different ways and respect the beliefs of everyone.- Just wait till you guys hear our three-part harmony, acapella version of “Hallelujah”.   4.) That we take it as a huge compliment when people think our demo is auto tuned or studio manufactured. All our songs were done in one or two takes in a basement, with musician friends who were not paid. We pride ourselves on how much better we are live.   5). We have been told by many that a big strength of ours is our directabilty and ease to work with.  Rock on Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 SIR3N is a group that has done all the right things and puts a lot of work in what they do to bring the best entertainment possible to people everywhere. As they get out more and more people will love them. There really isn’t anything out there that looks or sounds like they do which will make them standout quickly. SIR3N is at the top as a group and there is nothing that can touch them or stop them. For SIR3N, the looks they have and voices is nothing, but pure “Beauty”!

Big City Bound (original)

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Pontoon (cover)

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