Sivan Ben-David Voice of an Angel


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Sivan Ben-David the season five winner of, Voice of an Angel competition. Once you hear this girl sing it is easy to see why she was the winner. Sivan has the most amazing voice for any style music, from musicals to pop she can deliver it with precision, and it all comes from the heart. Voice of an Angel is a singing competition with a higher purpose to search for the most inspirational singer in America. The theme of the competition was unity of all people’s and faiths. This was a three night event.  The first night she sang, Pie Jesu, On the second night she was assigned inspirational songs of the 2011 and the decade of the 1970’s. Here she sang, The World I Knew for the inspirational of 2011, because the tsunami impacted her the most. Then she sang, Time In A Bottle by Jim Croce for the 1970’s.  After this she was one of the top five and they all appeared on NBC channel 6 Miami. Then came the final night and the theme was sound of unity. Sivan chose the song Hold My Hand. When it was over she was shocked to have her name called as the winner. She was very proud of herself, having put so much work into this, and competing against others much older than her. From the very beginning of the contest it was very amazing. She says, she formed friendships that will last far beyond the competition. She was so happy to be involved with this group, and she always felt inspired to sing her best. Performing and ultimately winning was just the icing on the cake for her.

Since she began singing at age five, Sivan has done a lot of great things not only as a singer, but in theater as well. In August 2009 she appeared on stage at the Broward Performing Arts Center, as Glenda in the Wiz. Also at the same location she was Molly in Annie in 2010, and Mr. Mistophelees in Cats July 2011. On September 9, 2011 she got to express both sides of herself as a pop and Broadway artist. This was at the “Eight Over Eighty” celebration, and she had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the great Peter Fuchs, who accompanied her on piano while she sang, Memory. She was also a featured soloist at this event.

Sivan’s talents has awarded her a lot during her singing career, in 2009, 2010 she was voted Most Likely To Win a Grammy, by Broward Center Performance Project summer theater. Also she was the finalist in the A T & T  Aventura Young Artist showcase December 2011. She is a great girl at heart taking her music and putting it to use to help others. She is a part the south Florida’s  Dream Team for, Tunes For Tots to help raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation.

Her drive for performing comes from seeing the people’s smiles when they hear her voice, and experience the energy she has on stage. She gets a lot of her influences from Christina Aguilera, Beyonce and Adele, Sivan believes her style reflects all three in some ways. She is now in the process of writing her first song, it speaks of being yourself and that you can do what ever you want as long as you work hard and believe in yourself. This has a lot to do with everything, you must believe in yourself and work hard for what you want. That is exactly what Sivan is doing, and she is proof of what can happen. She is making a big name for herself, and gaining many fans everywhere she goes. Sivan does nothing half way, and because of this she is now the 5th season winner of Voice of an Angel.