Skilyr Hicks

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 Skilyr Hicks, what heart this girl has for the songs she sings; you can really feel all the emotion in her music. Most great artists draw from what they feel inside created from personal experiences and Skilyr is doing just that. She is not just putting out great music she is putting out stuff that others of any age can relate to, and feel what she is feeling in the song. It is great when a person listening can understand the artist, and make you think about what is happening in your own life. The artists who have this ability to touch someone in a special way becomes more than just an artist, they become the listeners friend, a friend they may have never met, but who they turn to for comfort and understanding. Skilyr is one of these artists who even though you may never meet, you can turn on her music and it feels like you have been best friends for a longtime, because everything she sings about fits what you feel now or felt in the past. One of her songs titled, “Second Chance” is an example; who has not wished for a second chance to right a wrong or relive something with a lost loved one. She is someone that is not going to just stick with you, just because she sounds great, but because she gets into your heart!

Skilyr has always enjoyed singing for as long as she can remember, but once she discovered she could play the guitar and write her own songs she enjoyed it even more. She used to sing at church when she was little as well as the school choir and talent shows. However her first performance as an acoustic singer/songwriter was about three months after she began to play and write. She performed at a local open mic and then shortly after that she performed at a local talent show. Her first paid gig was at a restaurant called, “Cotton Patch” in downtown Augusta Georgia.

skilyr hicks 2  There is a performance that really sticks with Skilyr, it was a benefit for McClay Powell. Well McClay attended another local middle school and the chorus teachers were friends. Skilyr did know her, but was asked to not only perform at her benefit, but to write a song for her as well. This was all in March 2013 and McClay was going into her forth heart surgery. Skilyr started writing on the song right away, which she says was unusual for her, because she did not know a lot about her. Three days later McClay passed away from complications from the surgery, and ironically the song she had written was meant for, in life, still fit, in death. Skilyr performed the song for the first time for the girl’s parents in May, and she said it made the biggest impact on her life. Skilyr said it made her realize the purpose God has for her on this journey.

It was not long ago that Skilyr stepped out on the stage on America’s Got Talent and the whole country got to see and hear her amazing talents. Unfortunately she did not make it passed Vegas, but her time on national TV is priceless giving her some amazing exposure that many only dream of having, even if it is for a short time. Skilyr says she is glad to have had the opportunity to share her original music in such a huge way. She also says she met so many amazing people, talented, good people, with great hearts.

Music has really changed Skilyr’s life and it means so much to her to have her songs mean something to others as well. Her goal in life is to be able to share her music with the world. Skilyr has a great gift for songwriting, and what she writes is true art. This art she creates also carries a great deal of beauty. Most of her songs have a lot of meaning  to her for many different reasons. She gets the inspirations for her songs through the things that are happening in her life and the lives of others. She says she believes God gives her all the ideas for her songs. God has certainly laid a hand on her heart to give the songs she writes so much feeling.

Music is her passion and she cannot thank people enough for all their amazing support. She has several things coming up to look forward to; she has some livestream shows, charity events, and opening for some national touring artists. She is also looking forward to releasing her second album, “New Heart” and she will be creating a music video for, Brand New Day. For all the details please visit her website.

Skilyr is a person that people can really enjoy. She is someone when she sings, you can relax and close your eyes and see your own life in the words she sings. She can make you feel, think and wonder. The songs that she sings also tells a great deal about her as well, they tell she is a caring person with a heart of gold. She has the gift to see things that most of us take for granted and bring it to life in a song. This gift is shown very well in her song, “If I Could Be A Bird”. How many have ever wondered while watching a bird what it would be like to see things from where he does, how amazing would that be! Skilyr brought this very idea that we have all had to life, in great wonder. Skilyr has something very special inside and she is touching everyone. Her art is beautiful!