Skyla Rayne

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Skyla a fabulous singer/songwriter from San Diego, she has a great imagination for lyrics, and composing. She has a wonderful range to her voice, with excellent control. This range and control allows her to bring great music to us, such as, Whitney’s, “I Will Always Love You”. This song she performs beautifully along side her dad, making an amazing duet. The duet is very touching, they performed this song telling the story to each other. In the video you can see the true passion that both of them have, and not just the passion in the song, but the love of father and daughter. This was a brilliant performance with, “love”.

Like a lot of people Skyla started out performing early in life, and this early start brought her to be an outstanding vocalist. She started on stage at the age of three. She performed song and dance all over San Diego and LA. Then at age four she started performing regular in theater and was cast in Traditions of Christmas through Christian Community Theater every year since then. Her dad was always in the show with her. Skyla had an amazing performance during the holiday season of 2011. She played the lead role, “Emily” at Legoland California, this was her favorite because she made lots of friends and got to be on stage with an actor from iCarly. She said, she had to work really hard, and work a lot, but it was worth it because, she got paid! Skyla’s amazing vocals is making her a winner all around. Just recently she won a Grammy Cover contest through and won first place with her Grammy coverage song of, “Bound to You”. Skyla’s rendition of “Bound to You” is excellent to say the least.  She also had an original, Happy Birthday, submitted through the PTA Reflection competition and won.

Her dad is her inspiration for singing. She says, he is an amazing singer and he coaches you along. She was also inspired by Christina Aguilera, when she heard her sing, “Bound to You”. What Skyla likes best about singing is feeling the passion, it is like letting her soul out and expressing herself through her music. Skyla is wonderful with expression in her songs, not only vocally, but facial as well. She does this so well, she truly brings the listener into the story, and allowing them to live it. This is what an artist is suppose to do, capture the listener and bring them into the story.

Skyla likes to play piano, and write music. So far she has written five songs and has written some piano compositions. Most of her lyrics come from feelings and emotions that she has seen others go through. She sometimes writes songs based on her own feelings. Her most special song she wrote is, “Raindrop’s Reflection”, because she feels that a lot of people can relate to the feelings expressed in the song and the lyrics. When she was seven she wrote a song called, “Imagine”. This one is special too because it helps kids realize they can do anything they dream and imagine.

Skyla feels that she has been blessed with the gift of music. She most certainly has been gifted, her delivery of the songs she sings is that of someone much older and experienced, but she gives meaning to the words in a song as good as anyone, and maybe better. She is for sure one of the best young artists out there today, and with the way she brings such great expression to the songs she sings, she will be here from now on. Once you listen and watch her videos, you will see and hear what true “passion” is! Skyla is an artist that has the gift to touch people, and bring happiness and joy to all who listen.