Skylar Cain

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It does not matter if you love country music or not, you “will” love Skylar Cain. She is only nine years old and she puts more sincerity and passion in her music than anyone you have ever heard. Her passion does not only come out in her voice, but in the movements with her hands and body; this little lady is serious with her music. Skylar is such a great joy to watch, she has so much character on stage you can not take your eyes off of her. When a person can accomplish this they are a star, and Skylar certainly is a star. Her performances are truly amazing!

 Skylar amazes people every time she gets on stage and when that first note comes out of her mouth, the crowd goes crazy and this has been happening ever since she was four years old. Skylar first performed at a family function when she was four. She says that sometimes they bring karaoke machines to the functions and one time she just got up and started singing, and her family were all amazed that she knew all the words to Taylor Swift’s “Our Song”, and the rest is history.

Skylar Cain at stars2comeShe has been doing a lot of performing and putting smiles on faces everywhere she goes. Skylar loves to perform for charity and fundraising events and one of her favorites that she performed at was, the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Evansville Indiana. Here she got to perform in front of about 14,000 people, and she said everyone was super nice and she was proud to be part of it. She also loves to perform at the Lanham Brother’s Jamboree in her hometown of Owensboro, Kentucky. She has an amazing fiddle teacher named Randy Lanham and he and his brother Barry put together Lanham Brothers Jamboree during the summer months. They asked her to perform last year and also at their Christmas show. They have already invited her back again this year to perform at their kick off show on April 13th which will include Wade Hayes. She said, she loves to perform there because they have made her feel like family and they do a lot of funny skits.  Skylar has also become a regular performer at the Kentucky Opry in Draffenville, Tennessee. She started singing there last year when she participated in their talent competition. After the competition she was asked by Clay Campbell  to join the cast of their Stars of Tomorrow show. She would usually sing two or three songs on her own and was also able to sing harmonies a few times. She enjoys singing at the Opry because she has made so many great friends and she really loves singing with the band.

Skylar’s sensational voice has won her many awards, some of these are: Daviess County Kentucky Fair Talent Competition (Daviess County, KY), Hancock County Fair Talent Competition (Hancock County, KY), Heritage Festival Talent Competition (Lewisport, KY), Beech Bend Super Star Competition (Bowling Green, KY), Kentucky Opry Talent Search (Draffenville, KY), Nut Club Fall Festival Talent Competition (Evansville, IN), The Sing Off for The Singing Studio (Nashville, TN), Tis the Season to be Singing Talent Competition (John A’s Nashville, TN) 12 & Under Winner, and Music City Talent Search (Hard Rock Café Nashville, TN). This is an amazing accomplishment.

One of Skylar’s favorite artists to cover is Sara Evans. She loves her style of music and most of her songs are age appropriate to sing. Skylar really likes to sing because it brings so much joy to other people. Singing also helps her get her feelings out and she is able to let everything go and let her feelings fly. She hopes to be a famous singer one day or just be successful in the music business.

Skylar has also made it to TV a few times as well. She has been on her local channel a few times, once she gave a speech and performed at the Athena Awards for Girls, Inc. Also the Lanham Brothers Jamboree is televised and she sang in a video that her school made. It was a re-make of “Call Me Maybe” and made it into “Read Me Maybe” promoting their book fair. It was televised on their school channel.

Skylar has a lot of great things coming up that no one should miss out on, one of them is the Lanham Brothers Jamboree on April 13th at Diamond Lake Resort in Owensboro Kentucky. She also has the Aspire to Stardom Competition coming up on April 19th and 20th during the River and Spires Festival in Clarksville Tennessee. She will also be performing at Six Flags in Atlanta Georgia on May 25th and at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta on May 26th.

Skylar is a wonderful country girl who lives in the country and loves to sing country music. She is learning to play the fiddle and she says it has been fun so far. What she enjoys most is singing for charities and fundraisers helping others anyway she can. She enjoys using her God-given talent to make people happy. She most certainly does that very well. Skylar is someone who young and old alike will enjoy seeing perform, the talent she posses has no boundaries and everyone needs to see and hear Skylar. Skylar is just outstanding!