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Skyler is a beautiful young lady that is quickly climbing the entertainment ladder carving out her piece of the pie. Skyler has been having great success in film and music. Most pretty little girls will want to be princesses behind the camera, but not Skyler. Most roles that Skyler takes on are darker, thriller adventurer types, and this is setting her apart from many others. The road less traveled for kids, is the one that has gained her such success.

Skyler started acting when she was five years old. Her first big role was the lead in a short film called, Captured Bird. She says this was a very cool experience because she got to work with monsters. From this start, Skyler has grown her resume to where it is almost as long as she is. Part of her resume includes, Alphas, Warehouse 13, Against The Wall, Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town, Carrie, Orphan Black, and Reign just to name a few.

Skyler Wexler at stars2come  For those of you that are fans of the TV series Orphan Black, you must be a fan of Skyler. Skyler plays the role of Kira and has been on the show for three seasons. Kira is the daughter of one of the clones played by, Tatiana Maslany. Skyler says she has learnt a lot from being on set with Tatiana.  In Carrie, she played young Carrie alongside Julianne Moore who played her mom. Skyler said she was happy to get to meet Julianne. Chloe Moretz played the older Carrie and Skyler said it was great meeting her, but seeing her covered in blood was kind of gross. “Since then I’ve had the chance to be bloody myself and it’s actually really cool”, says Skyler. It has gone on to where she has been on fire, hit by a car, had surgery, glass smashed on her, been around guns, stunts, make up, play dress up, act like other people, and learn from others. She says, she just enjoys the best play dates a kid could ever ask for.

It is a lot of work being on set, and it’s like a roller coaster. “There are parts that are fun, scary, cool, educational, emotional, but it is all part of the ride” Skyler said. When a project comes to an end, it’s sad for Skyler, but she cannot wait to start another.

Skyler is a talented and successful actress, but she is also growing as an artist. She has been singing as far back as she can remember. There were things in her life that made her want to sing; her dad playing the guitar and her mother would sing her a good morning song every day. Her first singing performance was in senior kindergarten and was asked to do a solo holiday song for their holiday assembly. Around four or five years old she joined an after school concert program, and was the youngest in the group.

As an artist Skyler has put on many performances, but the most memorable for her are the ones that were fun and exciting to prepare for. Her piano recital is one of those performances. For this she not only got to play, but sing to her music. She also liked when she did the musical version of Peter Pan for her school play. In the play she got the part she was wanting, Captain Hook. One other performance that stands out to her is when she sang the  Canadian and American National Anthems at a hockey arena in front of thousands. Skyler’s favorite performances are those with meaning, like charities. Some examples are, Sick Kids Hospital, CAMH, Autism Speaks Canada and Autism Sings.

Skyler Wexler at stars2come  At just nine years old Skyler is making herself known to the world and enjoying every minute of it. When she is acting, she enjoys learning the lines to try to become the character. Then comes working with the cast and crew to bring the person to life. “When I sing it’s different. Instead of having props, set, and everything else you have when you act, it’s all up to you” says Skyler. When it comes to singing you have to make the audience feel what you feel in your music. She says if the music does not relate to her, but likes the song, she thinks of something similar that she has experienced so the feeling and emotions will come out through her eyes.

A lot of kids her age love to dance or play hockey and wants to continue. Skyler however loves singing and acting, but many people do not understand her passion for them, and how much being on stage and on camera makes her happy. She says at nine years old getting people to take you seriously as an artist is not easy. Skyler’s singing coach has helped her grow as a singer and has given her the chance to sing and record with other talented artists who are willing to give kids a chance. Skyler said her piano teacher has meant a lot to her as well. Because of the chords that he has been teaching her, she can now create her own music while continuing to learn.

Skyler knows who she is, and what she wants as an actress and an artist. Both takes imagination and creativity to bring a character or story to life, and Skyler is able to do it very well. In her music video, House Of The Rising Sun you get to see both sides. Vocally she drags you into the story and keeps you there. While on camera her eyes bring you into her character and  lets you feel what she is feeling. It is without doubt, Skyler is one of the best skilled at portraying a character and making you believe she is that person. In music you believe the story she is telling. It does not matter whether it is music or film, when it comes to Skyler, you cannot wait to see or hear what she does next.