Skyler - Full Band at stars2come

 Music world get ready, because here comes Skyler. He and his band are going to take the music world by storm. You better line up now at your local record shop, once Skyler hits the air waves, there will not be any CD`s left on the shelves. Skyler has it all going for him, the awesome vocals, the sound of his band, and the look they have on stage, all put together adds up to, number one on the charts.

 Skyler coming to you from Boston Massachusetts, and has been singing all his life, and it shows with every note he sings. Skyler  is a real go getter he is not fooling around!  He played his first concert when he was in the sixth grade, he had only been playing the guitar for a few months, he threw together a band and performed “Here Comes The Sun” at a school talent show,and he has not looked back. He just played at Higher Ground in Vermont. He says, it was an amazing experience. How ever when he gets to play in his own hometown, that is a big treat for him. When he is playing music he has a blast and so will you.


 Skyler can write some outstanding songs. The lyrics and the melodies he and his band puts together is amazing. He currently has five originals out on EP, and they are always working on more. I asked where he gets his inspiration from, he said, girls!

 Skyler and his band stays busy with performances, performing all over the Northern New England states, with fifty shows per year and growing, he is sure to show up at a town near you. Skyler wants every one to know his music. The thing with Skyler`s music is that every one does need to hear it. With the music that he is writing and the great sound he and his band bring to the stage it will not be long before they are selling out arenas. Stop by and see Skyler and keep up with whats happening at, , , Below in the MP3 player you will find one of his songs off his EP, “Hold My Hand” , it is truly fantastic.