Slade Warnken

Slade Warnken at stars2come



Here comes one amazing voice straight from Lexington Kentucky. Slade is not anything like most, he is original, and that is the only way to be in the music business. Slade dose not try to sound like the big stars out there, like so many do. He is his own man, and what he does with music is out of this world. That rough rasp he has when he sings is what will take him to the top. There is nothing like watching him perform live, the videos just do not do him justice. Meeting him and watching him perform at Natasha`s was a real treat, he is a very funny and cool guy to hang out with, and he  did  pump out some great music.

Slade loves to play Blues/Rock, and it really shows. He has been singing for as long as he can remember. After he picked up the guitar at eleven years old, he has done nothing, but sore! This is also when he first started performing in public at Common Grounds a coffee shop in Lexington. He has been playing all around the area, usually some where every weekend. One of his favorite places he has been at was Woody`s in Winchester, and at Shamrocks where he played a song that he co-wrote with a good friend of his. Slade is a fantastic writer. He has a great imagination for the lyrics, and putting the music to them. He currently has about thirteen songs written. One of his favorites  he wrote  that he loves to play is “Talking To The Devil”. He says, he likes the way the story unfolds. Slade talked about a few of his songs he wrote and what they meant to him after his performance. One of the songs he sang was “I Want You But You Don’t Want Me”, this is basically about someone liking someone, but they do not like them back.  “Coming Home”, was written about how soldiers were drafted into the army with out any say about it, and having their families worry about them while away fighting a war. “Cold Hearted Isn`t A State Of Mind”, This is about all the bad things in the world and there really is not any reason for them, they are just there. This song he says, helps to motivate his self to be a better person.

Slade loves to get out all he can to perform. He loves the energy the crowd gives off when he plays. He does make time for other things. He is big into sports and likes to hang out with his friends. He is a super great kid, with an awesome talent. He does play regular around the area, so if you would like to catch him live sometime keep an eye on Natasha`s and Common Grounds. He is a must see entertainer, and you will love every minute he is on stage.