Sofia Sanabria

sofia sanabria at stars2come

 Sofia is a very adorable young lady who belongs on camera, and she has been spending a great deal of time there. She is multi-talented  these talents have landed her in front of a camera many times. With the mixture of talent she posses, her career is going to grow fast, and not far down the road everyone will know who Sofia Sanabria is.

 Sofia has had a great journey thus far. She started dancing at about the age of four. This happened after her mom saw her dance tap in front of the TV, watching a documentary. She has taken many lessons since she started and has worked with some great choreographers. Some of the people she has worked with are, Jose Guerrero from the Miami Heat and Marlins Dance Groups, Anibal Marrero from Univision, Phil Wright from Stomp the Yard, and many others.

 Sofia`s singing just began about a year ago, but from the sound of her vocals, it`s like she has been doing it for years.  She does a wonderful job on her songs, she has amazing control, and the tone in her voice really stands out. Her vocal coach is Ben Bagby, he has been her coach from the beginning, and Ben does a great job with his students.  Sofia is another example of that.

sofia sanabria at stars2come

 Sofia has accomplished some great things. She won a Drama Achievement Certificate for outstanding Achievement at the Magnet Theatre Arts program in June.  She also won first place in Hip Hop at the Star Power Dance Competition. She has done some great performances. One of her favorites was performing in a dancing and singing contest on Univision it was on a national TV show called Sabedo Gigante.  Another favorite of hers was doing a short film called “Crossing Moments” which is in post production.

 Sofia has spent quite a bit of time on TV.  She has been in  several short films, Indie films, musical theater productions, commercials, and Latin soaps. She was a recurrent character in a Latin soap opera, “El Rostro de Anlia” , right now  she is shooting scenes for a new soap opera, “Alguien te Mira”.  It will be shown on national TV Telemundo.  She was also recently cast for a feature film called “Tony Tango” .

 For Sofia, her main goal is to entertain the public, and express herself through the arts. She wants her work to be seen, heard, and enjoyed by everyone. Sofia would like to work with other great talented artists and travel the world,  her greatest passion is to help the needy. Sofia is most certainly on her way! she has an outstanding start to her goal and already some of her work is being seen by millions of people across the country. She is sure to become one of the of the biggest stars. With all the talent she has, and growing better by the day, I don`t see how she could miss her goal…