Sophia Avocado

Sophia Avocado

Sophia is gifted with music, and the ability to captivate her audiences. Music and bringing joy to people is what she is meant to do. When Sophia was an infant she was diagnosed with a childhood disease, called, Kawasaki’s Disease. With medication she was able to beat the disease, but unfortunately not all are so lucky. After learning her story, and listening to her music, it was clear that someone much higher had different plans for her. She is meant to be a gift, not only to her parents, but the world and she has so much to give. Sophia is meant to help bring peace to people through music. The way she sings and delivers a song has a haunting vibe to it. The haunting vibe and the softness of her voice is so mesmerizing you cannot turn away. Sophia will warm your heart and brighten your day. She is a special gift.

Sophia is ten years old, but her talent for music goes way beyond. There’s not many kids her age that grasps and understands music the same as Sophia. Her musical talents were built-in from the start. At just one year of age, Sophia had already begun to sing. By age three she was reading and writing. Sophia’s mom says she was literally singing everywhere, in the car, the tub, while coloring just anywhere. Sophia loved putting on shows often at holiday get together’s and birthdays.

Sophia Avocado at stars2come  Her singing ability was discovered early on, but it would not be long before her instrumental talents would to come to light. Before her fifth birthday, Sophia asked Santa to bring her a real drum set, and she wanted it purple. The drum set didn’t last long once her parents brought home a piano. Sophia fell in love with it and started taking lesson at six years of age. By the time she turned eight, she was picking up songs from the radio, playing and singing them by ear.

At eight years old Sophia received a guitar at Christmas and after she had a few lessons, she was hooked. She had a talent show coming up and she would be practicing every spare minute, through the week and weekends. When it was time to perform at her school talent show,  people got to see for the first time just what Sophia could do. There were 600+ people in attendance for the talent show, and they were all astonished by her performance of, Touch The Sky by Julie Fowlis from the movie Brave.

After her school talent show she went on to win the County Star Search competition. She won this competition with the song, Summertime by Nina Simone. Sophia also won a high school competition while she was in the fourth grade.

At nine years old Sophia wanted a YouTube channel to put up videos and dedicate it to, Kawasaki’s Disease awareness. The Kawasaki’s Kids Foundation recently sponsored T-shirts and bracelets to be given away at the festivals where Sophia performs to help spread awareness and save precious hearts. All parents of young children need to know all they can about the disease and you can do so at, The Kawasaki Kids Foundation.

Sophia Avocado at stars2come  One of Sophia’s favorite performances was recently at the Detroit Winterblast Festival. She got to sing to help raise money for the Flint Kids Organization. This organization is to help with providing clean water and medical bill relief for the kids in Flint that will have lasting damage or disabilities from the poisoned water they have been drinking and bathing in.

Like many artists she too writes her own songs. Sophia started writing at age nine and is currently working on her album called, Stories. One of Sophia’s favorite songs she has written is called, Stay.  Stay is written about her older brother who was deployed to Iraq several times in four years. Sophia has written many songs and inspired by storytellers like, Ed Sheerean, Adele, and Taylor Swift.

When performing it is the smiles on people’s faces that she loves so well. It’s all about the enjoyment of others. It is a pretty amazing thing when Sophia is walking around with her guitar, and someone asks her to play something. Expecting some kids song, they get Nina Simone’s, Feeling Good in the style of Sophia. They are greatly surprised.  Her mom says, Sophia smiles the whole time she sings and often folks end up in tears.

Sophia has many things envisioned for the future. She looks to be a famous singer-songwriter, dancer, actor, writer, artist, and be an organic farmer. She hopes to one day have a completely sustainable farm, ranch and restaurant.

Sophia fills her time with a lot of interests one of which is painting. Recently she sold one of her first canvas paintings to raise money for a youth center in Howell, Mi., called The Warehouse Rocks.

It is a treat to watch Sophia perform in her videos. When watching her face, her eyes, the expressions she makes, looks as if she is on a journey, becoming part of the story. To have such talent coming to the surface at her age is incredible, but to imagine what must be to come is mind-blowing. Sophia is on the edge of genius, she has the makings of a new icon. This is just the beginning for Sophia, and it is a wonderful thing, but it is like the springtime, one day a flower begins to open and you are waiting in anticipation to see all the beauty within. That is what we have in Sophia, she is beginning to open up and the real beauty is coming. To learn more about Sophia and keep up with new things, stop by her site regularly at,