South Six 5 “Rocks the Teen Nation Tour”

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Jake and Andrew make up South Six 5 and they have always been amazing entertainers and turning heads everywhere. South Six 5 joined the  Teen Nation Tour and they didn’t just entertain, they rocked the house from start to finish leaving South Six 5 stuck in everyone’s mind along the way.

This was the first tour Jake and Andrew had been on and they really loved it. They made many new friends and gain a lot of new fans that they still remain in touch with. Jake says the tour was a great experience and enjoyed interacting with the students. Andrew said it was a fun experience for him and would love to do it again.

This leg of the Teen Nation Tour was the largest so far visiting 26 schools and performances at 6 other venues on the tour through the mid-west. Jake and Andrew said that Batesville Jr. High in Batesville, MS was the largest school they performed at with about 1000 students participating. Even though  they visited a large number of schools on the tour they both favored the middle schools the best. They felt that at the middle schools the students took in the message the best and they were all the same ages as Jake and Andrew making it easier to relate.

The Teen Nation Tour is about educating and helping to stomp out bullying by using young artists who know what it is like, making it easier for the other young people they are addressing to relate. They felt this was a big help for themselves as well as the students. This tour allowed them to be with other artists who have experienced bullying and made it easy for them to relate to each other regardless of age.  Jake says that because they have all experienced bullying that they share some of the same thoughts, ideas, and ways of expressing a positive message towards the students. Andrew liked getting to know the other performers and hearing their stories and seeing that they haven’t let bullying get them down. They both became great friends with the other tour mates and the friendships will be long-lasting.

South Six 5 at stars2come This tour turned out to be inspirational for both the performer and the students. They say that the students would message them saying how much their message really inspired them, but not just on how to handle bullying, but also about following your dreams. It made both Jake and Andrew very happy that they were making a positive impact on others. They came away from the tour feeling like they truly made a difference and wants to continue being a positive influence in other people’s lives.

While out on the tour one of their favorite songs they liked performing was called, “Don’t Stop Believing”. This song really meant a lot to the boys because it inspires them not to give up, and they hope it inspired others on the tour that has been bullied or has a dream not to give up as well. Jake says to people everywhere that, “in no way is it ok to put another kid down to bring yourself up”. Andrew hits it right on the head, “it is everyone’s job to take a stand against it”.

Bullying is a serious matter and all the artists on the tour are out to help bring an end to it all, but during all of this they did find plenty of time to just hang. When they was not out performing somewhere they would often have impromptu jam sessions. They also got to share some of Nic Neufeld’s radio show, but they were always playing practical jokes on one another. Jake says there was at least one prank pulled on everyone at some point of the tour, but just fun stuff nothing serious. Andrew said he liked pranking each other it was a lot of fun. At one of the hotels they stayed at there was a cornfield behind it  and many of them liked running through the maze. For the most part they liked doing normal kid things whenever they had the chance.

The tour got the boys some great air time on TV and radio. Before leaving out on the tour they had a television interview, this was done by, Angela Cain on Channel 13 WTHR. That was just the beginning, they ended up with 3 radio interviews and several newspaper interviews one of these was in Evansville, IN in the Evansville Courier.

South Six 5 really rocked the Teen Nation Tour this year, but look out it is not over yet! Coming in January 2014 they will hit the road again as a co-headliner for the tour, so if you missed them the first time you have another chance coming very soon. They will be in San Antonio along with Katie Steel. Jake says he really enjoys spreading a positive message and make a difference with others. Andrew says he feels honored that they would be given a spot like this, it really feels to him like they earned it. You can bet they did earn it, you really don’t know what you’re missing until you see these guys live, amazing.

Here recently South Six 5 headed to Miami to work with A-Team studios, they were involved with voice coaching, performance, and media coaching. Then they went on to a photo shoot in the Miami Arts District, and finished up with a private showcase.

Wow what great things that are happening with these boys, and they are so deserving of everything that has been coming their way. South Six 5 are not just great artists these boys are great people too and that is what truly makes them so successful. You will be hard pressed to find another duo as awesome as these guys. Keep track of them and don’t miss a thing they do.