Spencer Kane ” One of THE Kind”

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Spencer continues to outdo himself with every new song. His new song, “One of THE Kind” is one of his best yet. Spencer like many other artists is taking a stand against bullying, and this is where the song, “One of THE Kind”  comes from. He has been bullied a lot because he is an athlete that also sings, but has also chosen to stay pure before marriage. He says people think that is weird and makes fun of him a lot. He has even saved some of the horrible emails that he has gotten because he sings. Spencer says he is amazed about how many people come to him with their stories about being bullied, and how they sometimes hurt themselves or end up in a hospital  from trying to end everything. Because a large amount of his fans talk to him about bullying, he decided to write the songs on his EP about what he has experienced and seen happening around him. As a Christian the idea of One of THE Kind came from where the bible says that we have fruit of the spirit, one of those is kindness. From this he saw that the answer to bullying is to actually be an anti-bully. He says if we’re kind, then it can solve bullying. All the songs on his EP are about hope and overcoming tough things. With the help of his dad he has created a great video for his song, One of THE Kind. The song has a lot of talk about people at school, so that is where they decided to shoot part of the video. He said it wasn’t always easy because the actors in the video were  volunteers and not paid and that sometimes the day of the shoot no one would show up. Nevertheless the video turned out great and tells the story very well. Anyone who watches and listens will relate very well. Spencer’s point of it all is, you are never alone.

Spencer has been keeping himself busy with many trips to Nashville for recordings and TV. He spent almost four weeks in Hendersonville filming season 4 of iShine Knect. iShine is a media company that provides wholesome entertainment for tweens ages 7-12. The TV show iShine Knect is a variety show involving a sitcom taking place with students at iShine academy and includes music performed by the characters. This is something like Disney or Nickelodeon, but on a Christian network. On this show Spencer will be playing himself. He has also been working on his new EP in Nashville that will be released in February 2013. While working on his EP, he recorded in several different studios and being produced by Grammy winning Jeff Savage and Zach Hall. The sound he has on his new EP coming out is much different from what he has recorded in Indiana, this time it has a pop electro sound.

During this past year he had an amazing experience by going on tour to the Dominican Republic to visit villages of orphans as part of supporting the ministry of Food For The Hungry. iShine puts on tours and has many sponsors to help with the costs and one of them is Food for the Hungry.  He said he will never forget this tour.  He said it was “incredible”.

Spencer has done a lot in the past year, and when he is not busy with music or TV, he spends his time playing baseball and basketball. He is preparing himself for college and hopes to play basketball when he gets there. He also hopes to move to Nashville to further his music career. Spencer is dedicated in everything he does and puts 100% into his music and sports. Spencer is reaching out to others that have been bullied and if you happen to be one of these people, Spencer is a person you can trust to talk with and that understands. You are not alone.