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Spencer is a singer/songwriter, and he is amazing at both. He wrote a song called, “Knowing” and this song truly brings up memories. This song is about the times he had seeing a girl and thinking one thing about where things are in their relationship, only to realize it really wasn’t that way. He wrote the lyrics shortly after a girl broke up with him. The video he made for “Knowing” is fantastic and tells the story very well. It was Spencer and his dad that came up with the ideas for the video. This video turned out to be a lot less involved than some he made in the past.  This is also his favorite song he has done so far. He was involved with every aspect of this song from writing to composing. His first release how ever was, “Best Friends”, it came in 2009, about his belief that you can have a relationship with a girl without all the sex and pressure of getting too serious. This is another amazing song written by Spencer taken from the experiences that he has had.

Spencer has done so much with music, and it all started by him singing to the radio, like about 90% of people anywhere does. For him this kicked everything off at about five years old.  When he was eight or nine he started singing in church, then choir in the seventh grade. His first big crowd came at thirteen when he competed in the Noble County Idol. There was a crowd of about 250 people at the competition, and he ended up winning second place in the sixteen and under. He said, it was exciting to here the judges feedback. In April 2010, he sang at Riverfest 2011 in Fort Wayne in front of about 1500 people. This is where he gave his first autographs to two girls that came backstage after his performance. He also had a reporter come up wanting a interview, and photos. He has been doing very well with competitions. He won first place in a karaoke contest in Florida when he was about seven. He has also won gold medals in his state’s vocal competitions.

Spencer Kane at stars2comeSpencer is someone who just likes music, and he loves when people appreciate what they hear. He sings a lot when he is by himself just for the love of music. He says, it just flows out of him. He likes a lot of different artists like Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, and Toby Mac they inspire him a lot when it comes to his music. He hopes to someday work with a well known producer . He feels if can work with a known producer that has worked with young artists, that it would help him get better at what he does. This is great attitude that he has, looking at ways to make himself better, this is the way all artists should think. He said, people ask him if he wanted to be the next Justin Bieber, he says, no. If music helps him to make money someday like Justin that is great, if it does not that is okay as well. He just wants to keep making music that he likes and people appreciate. Spencer hopes that his peers and fans understand that music is a powerful influence, and he knows how easy he gets influenced by the beat and melody of a song. He wants his  music to be a positive influence on his fans. With so much negativity in music, he wants his to be positive with a message, but without getting preachy.

For the most part he says, he is just a goofy kid who likes to make people laugh with his impressions and jokes. He spends a good deal of time trying to make other people laugh. This is really who he is as a person,  good hearted down to earth guy that wants to bring happiness to people by laughter or music. He does a amazing job at “all” he does.