Stephanie Hanvey ” I`m That Girl “

 Coming straight from the Jersey Shore I bring you Stephanie Hanvey, ” I`m That Girl ” and what a girl she is. She has such an amazing array of talent and her vocals are out of this world, and this world is going to love her. She has had a fabulous journey thus far and it has only just begun. I truly love to listen and watch her perform, she has her own sound and style.  I think this is what will make her a star, she is not trying to be anyone but herself. This is what  makes her stand out from the rest ( and she does ).  She puts so much heart in her music and truly believes every word in the lyrics.

Stephanie is thirteen living in Howell, New Jersey and has taken NJ by storm.  Stephanie began her journey at age six when she started singing.  She says, she has always loved to sing but never considered making a career of it.  All she wanted to do was to sing to the world and make everyone smile (this has been accomplished). Like many people she started going to competitions and won quite a few of them. From The Big Joe Henry Radio Show on the boardwalk right to the Apollo in New York and selected by Nj Nets as the most talented kid in the tri-state area. Just like many,  she was discovered on YouTube, and by none other than ten time Latin Grammy winner Sergio George.  He called her mom and said that,  he had seen her on YouTube and would like for her to be on a project that he had been working on.  (This call has changed her life). One problem she had was, that she didn’t sing in Spanish. She decided that no matter the language she just wanted to sing, so she learned to sing and read in Spanish in just three weeks. Sergio flew her out to Miami where she became the lead singer for BKIDZ .

On her return home she had another person reach out to her and said he would like to work with her. This person turned out to be the voice coach to the stars , Ankh Ra from MTV`s making the Band 4. Stephanie has definitely gotten attention from people most could only dream of, she has certainly been blessed. Ankh Ra was so impressed that he wanted to take her in as one of his younger students. He not only turned out to be her vocal coach but her mentor as well. She also went on to work with Sal Dupree and he has become a mentor of hers too.

 Stephanie`s talent dosen`t stop at singing, she is one amazing writer as well. She wrote a song called “I`m That Girl” . The song is about her in school when she got back from doing BKIDZ and people not understanding her talent. She wanted every young girl to follow their dreams no matter what. She says, the song became so powerful that everyone would yell, I`m that girl! Even the boys were inspired to wear merchandise to support their dreams. Stephanie has a full line of  “I`m That Girl” merchandise available and 20% of all T-Shirt sales goes to Autism. One of her best friend’s cousin has Autism and he inspired her to share his story and help find a cure. She has an Autism song that will debut October 2nd in Long Beach, NJ at the Autism Speaks Walk-a-thon. She said, she was honored to be one of the spokes persons for Autism Speaks. Stephanie loves to do benefits and charities as her way of giving back and sharing her gift.

Stephanie has been very fortunate with the people who have come to help her with her journey. Her choreographer is Geo Huebla who happens to have danced with Micheal and Janet Jackson. Now he has taken on Stephanie`s dancers, and they are awesome.  She has done a lot in her career, she just has so much heart and drive, and she knows what she wants and is going after it and everyone is taking notice. Stephanie has had hundreds of performances to help get the message out to follow your dreams including school tours. She has performed at the Legendary Stone Pony and Six Flags Great adventure. She has sung the National Anthem for the NY Nets Media and 911 events for the state prosecutors office along with many others. Her favorite performance was amature night at the Apollo it was her birthday,  she just turned eleven, she sang “Imagine” and won. For her it was a magical night not because she won but it felt as if she could feel all the great performers there on the stage with her. This experience told her that, this! is who she is and where she belongs.

 Now she loves to share her message. She performed in front of over 500 Girl Scouts and she said it felt great to share her message about empowering yourself and to follow your dream. This is what inspired the song she wrote ” I`m That Girl”. To follow your dream is a great message for anyone I believe this is what is making Stephanie so successful, that she is such a giving person in so many ways. People know a big heart when they see it and she certainly has one. This big heart comes across on stage,  you can feel it in her music, attitude and personality, she truly cares.  Stephanie was also honored in walking the Red Carpet for Latino Commissions for aids awareness hosted by Rosie Perez and special guest Kenny Ortega. Stephanie`s talent don`t stop at singing she is an actress too. She was in a movie that will be released July 16 “Standing Ovation” produced by Diana Kirman, Sal Dupree and James Brolin. She also played the lead in Mulan Jr. She has an EP out now titled I`m That Girl with three of her original songs ” Turn It Up, Crush and I`m That Girl . She wrote Crush with her dad and Turn It Up is a tribute to the Jersey Shore. She also has another original that was written for her by  Annika Vitolo  and Brenda K. Star called Leap Of Faith. These are all fabulous songs I enjoy them very much and I know you will too. She has a mark she always leaves where ever she goes 11-11 this is her angel she feels  is always with her. Before performances or anything she stops and makes sure the clock strikes 11-11 makes a wish and thanks god for letting her live her dreams. She says, make a wish!  dreams do come true!  That is such a wonderful message to give and the kindness she shows is remarkable.  She is a true role model for anyone. I know with all she has to give that anytime I will see her touring the country or perhaps Disney channel living, her dream.. I would like to give a shout-out  to her dancers who do an awesome job   Mikey Fusco, Deanna Rispoli, Nicholas Mara, Louis Dippala, and Nicolette Fusco ..