Stephanie Hanvey “Pop Sensation”

Stephanie Hanvey at stars2come

Stephanie is a person that is not afraid of hard work and reaching for her dreams. All this hard work has made her a true Pop Sensation! Stephanie is well-known as “I`m That Girl”, and many people are wanting to be just like “That Girl”. “I`m That Girl” is a song about empowering yourself to follow your dreams, and Stephanie is living that to the fullest. It shows very well in her actions, she is always busy doing performances, working in the studio, and one of her favorite things help with charity. After following her for some time, it is obvious that she has become a great inspiration to others. Kids and teens loves her and looks up to her, this is all seen in her live performances. Stephanie has so much kindness in her that it just spills out onto everyone else. She takes this kindness and her music to help others. This April 15 , she will be doing a “I`m That Girl” concert for the Girl Scouts, Stephanie is a big supporter of the Girl Scouts, and it was a concert for the Girl Scouts that she did last year that helped to inspire the song “I`m That Girl”. She is also a big supporter of National Autism Speaks, she is always lending her time and talent to help make things just a little better for someone else.

Stephanie has had a lot of great things happen over the past few months. Here in just the past couple weeks she shared the stage with Diggy Simmons an up and coming boy pop star, in New York City, where she opened the show for him.  Also recently she performed at the Stone Pony again sharing the stage here with none other than Mega Platinum Producer Damon Elliott. She had a great honor of performing halftime for the NY Knicks and Media Day for the NY Mets. There is a lot of things that is going her way, one of which, she won a contest in LA, and the prize was a distribution deal with Bungalo Records & Cd Communications Entertainment. She has also been to LA to produce her debut album “I`m That Girl”, and while there she was invited to walk the red carpet at the VMA`S , and attend as a special guest at the Chaka Khan tribute concert. She was recognized by some influential people in the music industry from Quincy Jones to T-Lopez and producer Jim Jonson. She also co-wrote a new song “Boy” with Eddie Galan and produced by Alex Niceforo Mac 1.

Stephanie is amazing at music and dance, but she is getting ready to take her career one step further, acting! She is now becoming a triple threat. Today in the entertainment business being a triple threat is the golden ticket. There has been so many in the past couple of years that has made their fame just this way, and now it is Stephanie`s turn. She has gained a good bit of experience from different plays she has been in. She is playing, the lead role of Dorothy in The Wiz this week April, 7, 8, and 9. Stephanie is on the right path that could propel her to become bigger than Miley Cyrus. She just has so much to offer, and the performances she puts on are amazing. With so many things going on with her you might think how is it possible for one person to do so much, well she is not alone, she always has her angel with her 11-11. Her trade mark 11-11 is her angel and she always thanks God for letting her live her dream.