Stephanie Lyons


   This is one powerful voice. Stephanie has remarkable control and she can make you feel,  everything she sings. Above is a great example of that, she is singing ” I Have Nothing ” by Whitney Houston. She performed this song as perfect as one could get and feel, every word!

    Stephanie lives outside Waterford , Ireland. She is as sweet as can be and really knows how to deliver a song. ” She says ” she enjoys many genres of music, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey to name a couple. She likes them because their voices are so powerful ( Stephanie is right there with them ).  Stephanie decides on songs that make her feel complete peace and a happiness that brings tears to her eyes.  She wants to sing a song that can convey her passion, something that she personally loves and can give her goosebumps and the song to feel like it is her.  She likes songs that are beautiful and challenging.

  Stephanie truly loves to sing, ” she said ” she would sing everyday, rainy day or sunny any circumstances.  Her love for singing comes out in all her videos. She is not just a talented singer but, she is very creative and can write songs. Above is her singing her original song ” Better ” she wrote the lyrics and used the back tracking of another song. She put this together like a real pro. The music and lyrics fit together perfectly, absolutely fabulous. With this kind of passion for music and creativity she is surely to go far and reach her dream. Stephanie is truly an awesome person and singer. Stop by and visit Stephanie and give her your support….