Stephanie Marie Hanvey could be, the next American Idol!

Stephanie Hanvey at stars2comeNew Jersey’s very own pop star Stephanie Marie Hanvey has made her way to the stage of the worlds largest talent competition, American Idol! Now America will get to see just what and amazing singer Stephanie really is. She has spent all of her life spreading joy and hope to others with her music hoping that someday she will be in a position to do even more, and now that time has come. Stephanie just might make this seasons American Idol the largest yet. Be sure to catch her January 15 on American Idol.

Stephanie might soon be America’s new Idol, but she has been but an Idol to many people all around New Jersey for quite sometime. Stephanie is well-known for, “I’m The Girl”.  This is a song written about empowerment and she has been tirelessly taking that message to school kids everywhere and despite the name even the boys jumped in and helped out with spreading the message. She has always been a big supporter of the Girl Scouts and loves to share her message with them and letting them know it is okay to follow your dreams. This has all led her to be known as I’m That Girl. Not only has Stephanie become known as I’m That Girl, but also for her own trademark 11-11. This mark is her angel an angel that is always watching over her and guiding her everywhere she goes. And you can be sure she will have it on that stage with her all the way. She is a true Idol.

Stephanie has a lot to bring to the American Idol stage, she can dance, sing and keep you amazed through the entire performance. There is really not much they can throw at her that she can not handle. This New Jersey girl can take on pop, R&B, soul, rock, country and if it comes down to it she can even bring it in Spanish.

It will be a great day January 15 when she appears on American Idol, but to make the day even better, her new single “On A Prayer” will be released as well. Stephanie has always brought great original music to her fans like “I’m That Girl” and “Leap Of Faith” and you can bet “On A Prayer” will be just as amazing. All of her songs has carried messages of hope and you know her new song will have a powerful message for everyone. She has always  brought hope to those who listen and that has already made her an idol to many people. Stephanie’s new single On A Prayer was produced by Grammy nominated Barry Eastmond, and co-written by him with Grammy winning and 2x Oscar nominated songwriter Siedah Garrett. Be sure to pick up her new song on iTunes January 15  to give your support.

Wow! what a great day January 15 will be,  Stephanie on American Idol, and On A Prayer released, so much excitement no one will want to miss this day. The greatest Idol winner has been Carrie Underwood, but Stephanie could be falling right in as the next greatest winner. Carrie had a lot of heart and so does Stephanie and it is that heart that makes the winner and the artist. Stephanie Marie Hanvey could be, the next American Idol! Be sure to watch American Idol January 15 and pick up your copy of On A Prayer.