Summer Edeen

summer edeen at stars2come Summer is an amazing singer,  she has a lot of potential to becoming a fantastic singer/songwriter. She has great vocals with good control. From listening to some of her music I believe she could go either country or pop and fit right in. Summer is so happy when she is performing you can see it in her eyes , that she is having so much fun.

 Summer has been singing since she was little , but at about ten she decided to pursue her dream of being a singer/songwriter. For someone that has never had any vocal lessons she has done very well. About a year and a half ago she began the guitar and this too , she is teaching herself , it is great finding someone with this kind of motivation. She has some background in piano and this has helped her learn the guitar , it seems to me that she is doing very well teaching herself. She says , her brother gives her some tips on occasion , but mostly has been all her. All this hard work she has put into music is paying off. Here recently she won the Italian Idol competition. This really got her excited and wants to do more competitions and maybe even,  American Idol. The dedication she has to music is what will bring her to the top.


summer edeen at stars2come

 That detication has helped , Summer auditioned for a performing arts school and was accepted , now going half a day to regular school and the other to the performing arts. I know the school was thrilled to take on such a talented young lady.

 Summer loves writing songs she says , it is the coolest thing. She wrote her first song at ten years old. The first song was called ” Angels Watching Over Me ” she performed this song with her sister at their 5th grade talent show. Summer gets her inspiration from many different things , one of the things she told me that I thought was cool , was  after watching an infomercial for St Judes Hospital she came up with this great song called ” Fight Of Your Life ” this really shows not just what talent she has for writing , but where her heart is.  Another song she wrote was written after she decided that she really liked boys so she called the song ” Boy Crazy ” ( performing like she does the boys will be crazy over her too ).  Summer says , that inspiration is really all around us and that musicians turns that , into a beat , melodies , a song .  Summer`s goal is to be a professional singer/songwriter and to perform on stage for thousands of people. With the dedication she has I would not be surprised if that comes true. What she really wants is for the ones she loves to be happy and healthy and music is happiness for her. She says , no matter what she ends up doing in this life , that music will be involved. Summer is an awesome girl I hope everyone gives her some support…