Super Star competition Aug. 28 , 2010

kristal wheaton at stars2come Saturday was an awesome day at the Beech Bend Super Star competition. The temperature was hot,  but the talent was hotter! ,  it was an amazing group this week. Everyone did a great job with their performances. The judges how ever had a difficult time deciding a winner , but it eventually came down to Trista Wheaton pulling out the win. This amazing rocker put on a great show and certainly deserved the win , she sang ” All Around Me ‘. She had an amazing voice,  it is well suited for pop or rock. She will now go on to he finals on Sept. 11 , 2010. I will look forward to seeing her perform again.

 I would like to highlight a few from the competition this week that was impressive to me. Kendall Phillips from Indiana who just before arriving to the competition , had just won her division at the Colgate Country Showdown. At the Super Star she sang a song she wrote called ” Crazy For You ” it was a great song , the lyrics was outstanding . She played guitar along with a back track of it and it came out beautifully. Kristina Adkins she sang ” I Told You So ” by Carrie Underwood. I thought Kristina had a great country sound and she was wearing a beautiful red dress , performing like a  pro.  I am sure she will have a great future.


abby ekis at stars2come

 Abby eight years old was such a doll I loved her performance  of Carrie Underwood`s ” Undo It ”  she really rocked it out. I got to talk with her a bit and she is a very adorable person and hoping for a career in country music .  I was very impressed with her as a person , a great personality , the hat she wore really made the perfect addition to her out-fit.  Hannah Richardson nine years old turned out to the competition and her big voice made a large impression on everyone , she was singing ” Cowboy Casanova ” she mixed in some awesome theatrics making for a very entertaining performance. I have featured Hannah here with a great story  , please check that out. There were many more great artists to perform each one did a great job. David Gary hosting the competition did excellent as always. The judges came from different areas of the music industry and gave some great advice to all the contestants.

The finale will be coming up on Sept. 11 if at all possible you should come down and see this great event.  All the winners from the previous weeks will be performing. I am sure some of your favorites will be there. If you missed out on competing this year please do sign up for next years,  this is a fantastic competition and next year they will have a brand new facility to perform in. I enjoy attending this competition very much and I know you will too. It is open to anyone in the country any type of music is welcome and any age. For more information Beech Bend Super Star