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Sydney is a great singer and songwriter. She is so much fun to see live, she has a great personality and interacts with the audience very well. When you see her anywhere singing you can count on a very entertaining performance. Sydney has a great tone in her voice and she is always clean and clear with her songs. Sydney hasn`t been playing the guitar, but a couple of years, but it has become like an extension to her, and what she does with it is beautiful.

Sydney twelve years old from Kentucky. She began singing at age five with the Lexington Children`s Choir, then in third grade she auditioned for the School for Creative and Performing Arts and was accepted. At ten years old  she picked up the guitar and started taking lessons form David “Skinny Devil” McLean. David has been great at giving her encouragement to get out in front of audiences with her guitar and play. Sydney has been going strong ever since.

Sydney Cubit at stars2come One of her most memorable performances was with the Children`s Choir at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.  After picking up the guitar she started doing her own thing and began performing at a  local Farmers Market. It wasn`t long before she was playing all over, local coffee shops, fundraisers, and benefits plus many more. She got a great opportunity to play the pre-show for Woodsong`s Radio Hour, and she has done this several times. Most recently she opened for Rick Huckaby and Chris Compton at In The Round Songwriters Night. Sydney is certainly making waves all around Kentucky, but she will be making a few waves around Nashville very soon. She will be heading there around the middle of the month for a taping, for the Nashville Spotlight TV show. Nashville is going to love this girl, especially when they her her originals. Sydney has a great talent for songwriting, and everything she writes has a good story. When it comes to country music having a good story in your song is everything, and Sydney can do this very well. About the same time she began the guitar she started writing with about 17 songs so far. Her favorite is “Nothin` Else Matters”  in it she tells a great story and many people have connected to it. This is when you know the songs you write are hits when people connect to them. She is currently in the studio recording her first CD, which she hopes will be finished by late May.

Sydney loves music, and she has always known since she was very little, that she was meant to make music.  She says, it gives her an outlet for her energy, and likes how people are touched by her music and lyrics.  Sydney hopes to travel the world one day and share her music with others. She is also working with the National Drug Endangered Center for Training and Advocacy to bring awareness to child victims of drug crimes. Sydney is going to be a person that many will look up to some day, and not just her music, but because her heart is in the right place when it comes to others. If you would like to see Sydney in person you can catch her performing at Coffee Times, Common Grounds, The Hub, and Woodsongs Radio Hour. To keep up with everything she is doing, keep an eye on her web site for all her up coming performances SydneyCubit.