Sydney Hurst

Sydney Hurst at stars2come

 Here is a fantastic up and coming country star. Sydney with her awesome country voice, and the power she has is sure to please anyone who listens. This wonderful young lady from Kentucky has all the makings of a top country star. Her delivery of a song is second to none, she can really bring the story in a country song to life. The feeling she can put in a song, and tone she has is incredible. This great tone of hers began very early in life.  She would often sing for her mom around the house, this would help her mom feel better where she was sick from lupus. Her mom enjoying it so much, would get Sydney to sing for her friends at work and family reunions.  Her amazing talent has come natural from years of sing, she has not had one vocal lesson, it`s truly amazing.

 As amazing as she is, she just started about a year and a half ago performing in public.  She was in Middlesboro Kentucky, at the Cumberland Mountain Fall Festival, hanging out with family and was talked into singing for her grandmother at a karaoke contest.  Sydney sang a song by Alicia Keys, and the crowds response was something that she would never forget. Because of the performance she won first place at the contest and was asked to come back again this year to perform.


Sydney Hurst at stars2come

 Sydney has been doing great with her performances, and getting around to many places. She had a lot of fun performing at the White Lightning Festival in Cumberland Gap Tennessee, last June.  She placed third in the White Lightning Idol contest at the Taylor Country Fair, which gives her the chance to compete at the Coca Cola Talent Classic at the Kentucky State Fair. Sydney also had a great experience singing for the Nashville Spotlight Christmas showcase, this past December. Sydney was amazing to see live performing here, but one of the things she liked so much was, she met many other young people that are working towards the same musical dreams as her. If you live around Nashville keep an eye out, because she will be on the Nashville Spotlight TV show soon, she goes for the taping in May.

 Sydney is doing an amazing  job with her career, and she is starting to take the next step. She started about nine months ago writing her on songs. How ever she doesn`t have any recorded yet, but she has put together lyrics for several songs. Once they are recorded you can bet they will be awesome. No matter what song she sings, the thing she likes the most is that people in the audience is relating to the words, reliving a memory, or just wanting to get up and dance. On thing is for sure about Sydney, is that she cares about the performance she gives to ensure that everyone enjoys the show.  She has the right heart for music and that makes a big difference.  She does hope to make a career out of music, and with the hard work and the passion she has, her dream may be just around the corner..