Talented Kids Depot

 Talented Kids Depot run by Kim Corcoran ,_ she is an amazing person.  She has helped to promote countless number of kids and helped in getting their music heard.  She created Talented Kids Depot about five years ago taking it upon herself to help as many young artists as possible.

 TKD is geared to helping kids with a big dream , to make them come true. You can find TKD at reverbnation and facebook . At reverbnation  here you will find their music , photos and a little about who they are. Facebook you will find many videos that are put up regular for everyone to see and enjoy what these amazing kids can do.  Kim is also a talent scout for Nashville Spotlight bringing kids to the show. For many kids it is a dream to be on TV and Kim helps make that happen for them. Not only does she help in getting them on the show , but also films them live to post to YouTube , reverb and facebook allowing as many people as possible to view and hear these kids.

TKD  for sure cares about kids and their future doing everything posible to help in any way she can find. I don`t  think I have met anyone who cares as much as she , when it comes to these talented kids.  When ever a talented kid comes along you can count on Talented Kids Depot to help as much as possible…