Tamika at stars2come


The world needs to get ready for a true Australian rocker, because Tamika is coming, and she is holding nothing back. This girl can rock your socks off. Tamika has it all, a great style, a perfect rocker voice, and when she uses that great voice of hers she brings it all, and you will love it.

Tamika loves to share her voice and music with everyone, even from a very young age. She would get up very early and sing to the neighbors, but her mom would always tell her, shut up! It is obvious she didn`t shut up, and a good thing too, or we might have missed out on a great rock star. She began taking her wonderful music to performances around her hometown of Mandurah when she was nine years old. Her first one was at the Annie Stewart singing competition, she sang Am I Not Pretty Enough by Casey Chambers. During her performance she forgot the words, but her mom began to slow clap and others joined in and this helped her remember and finish the song. This mishap did not stop her, she has gone on doing some great things. When she was twelve years old she entered Star Search in WA and won Young Performer Of The Year, beating out twenty four year old`s. She loved meeting Chris Murphy from Australian Idol. Tamika got a big honor, she got to sing at an invite only event at GARMA  in East Amhem Land. This was part of a prize she won in a singing contest.

This year in February she started with a band  called Crossfire, it was part of the Rockstar Experience program for amateur musicians. After performing with them they decided that they work well together so now they are official, and the band is now called The Riff. Tamika says, the Rockstar Experience has helped her find her inner rock chick. She is also doing a great job at songwriting. Tamika wrote the lyrics to Move Your Body and Nightmare, which are fantastic songs. Her friend Josh McKeough from Gove did the backing music. She just started the guitar and keyboard and soon she will give you the full rockstar experience in her performances.

Like a lot of people Tamika has dyslexia, she has struggled through school with this and she also has a hearing problem, but she has not let that stop her from achieving her goals. Music has helped her to improve her reading and spelling skills. She says, if you have a dream don`t give up just because you do things differently than others. Her mom has always played the song “What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful To Me”  from the Backstreet Boys, this songs has really helped inspire Tamika. Tamika and her music will be an inspiration to many people, now and in the future.