Tanner Massey

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Out in Oklahoma there is a great new talent emerging and has already started quite a stir. This new singer is eleven year old Tanner Massey. Tanner will make a nice addition to music. He carries a good tone along with some dynamics that are coming to light in his voice. Tanner has already developed a very good bear growl that grabs your attention, and you appreciate the passion he has for singing.

Tanner started getting out and sharing his talent and love for music last year when he sang in a choir in Choctaw Oklahoma. His first solo act came last May at a talent show.

The talent show he sang at last May has become a favorite. It was this show that started him off he says and is for sure a favorite. He also enjoyed performing at the Rising Star Series at the Rodeo Opry. He says he liked how the crowd responded to him at this show. The Heartland Opry/ Country Singers Association is another place he enjoyed performing at. He says their members have supported him from the beginning and has helped to get his name out to the public.

Singing for Tanner is all about meeting new people and making them happy. He loves to see people smiling when he sings. “I feel cool when performing on stage, just love it” says Tanner. Watching Tanner on stage he certainly is cool.

When Tanner is out performing he likes covering Bruno Mars. He says Bruno makes happy and sad songs that he likes. The beats Bruno puts to his music is something that Tanner likes as well.

Tanner is looking forward to putting up some new cover songs he has been working on. He is possibly looking at a duet with a talented girl that he knows where he lives. That would be a great performance. He is hoping to be starting some of his own songs very soon. Tanner has not started writing his own yet, but says he has two older brothers that give him plenty of content to write about.


Tanner is a performer that will be stealing the hearts of many girls. He says the way to his heart is with lots of Mac and Cheese. No matter if it is his singing or the Mac and Cheese, you can bet he will get the girl. If you are out in Oklahoma be sure and look up Tanner and go to one of his shows. He would love to have you there. If you cannot, stop by his YouTube channel Tanner Massey and give him your support there. Take a listen to his music, his voice will quickly tame your heart. This young man is someone you do not want to miss any part of his journey. It will be great!