Tara Bianco

Tara Bianco at stars2come

 Tara Bianco has the gift to turn every song she sings to gold. She is truly a pop sensation carrying the “wow” factor in everything she does from song delivery, to her appearance. When watching her videos it is easy to see that she is the next superstar, she can literally do it all sing, act and dance.  Tara’s newest song and video “Dance You Outta My Head” shows off all these qualities at their finest. She did an incredible job with this song, and her acting and dancing were done brilliantly. Dance You Outta My Head is an amazing song and Tara says it is for anyone who wants to escape their thoughts about someone or even something by letting go and dancing. She says she understands about this because when she gets frustrated at times and she will go to a dance class to breathe. This video was very well made and all the characters done a wonderful job. Tara said she got to feel like a superstar and was able to meet some amazing new people, and was a lot of fun to make the video.

Tara has a wonderful career started and it is all heading in the right direction and this great journey she is on all started out when she was just three years old. At three years of age is when she first started dancing and doing recitals, but her first theater production came when she was eight, she played Katie the Orphan in “Annie”. Tara has since played Peter Pan, and loved it. She said she got to fly and do something new and exciting. Tara has also played Jo in “Little Woman”. She really liked playing Jo because she got to show a different side of herself and take on a character where she had to focus to portray depth of the character.

Tara has done a lot with her singing and on stage in theater, but she has also made her way to the TV screen. She has done commercials for Toyota, tennis, and ice cream. She was also in a local Atlanta TV show episode, as well as the lead in a webisode.

She is an amazing performer and she loves to show her passion on stage. For Tara it really doesn’t matter if she is playing a character on stage or just being herself, she finds that performing just makes her happy and wants to do this for the rest of her life.

Tara has started writing songs, but she currently has only one song recorded. Even though she does not have but one song written, she does write a great deal of poetry. She says her poetry is very special to her because each one is about something that has happened to her and the only way she can show how she really feels is by writing it in a poem, this relaxes her.

There are many great things about Tara and she has had a great deal of success and this has all come from the hard work she puts into everything she does. She says she will not back down from a challenge and will never give up on her dream. Tara has been through a lot and this has made her stronger and has driven her to success. She said she loves what she does and will do what it takes to do it forever.

Tara is from South Carolina, but she has been rocking it out from there to LA and people are loving her everywhere she goes. She is a professional on stage and this is very important when performing live because the audience wants a great show and Tara gives it to them. Her music will be burning up the air waves very soon and all the teens around the globe will be talking and covering Tara Bianco.