Taylor Eve

Taylor Eve at stars2come



Taylor is an amazingly talented and beautiful young lady out of Florida. This girl can sing just about anything and presents herself very well on stage. Everywhere she performs people love listening and watching, they really get into her singing. Taylor’s popularity is growing fast and stacking up the fans with each performance.

Taylor took off on her musical journey about five years ago with her singing some karaoke. She made her debut performance at Festival of Lights at a wildlife park. From this first performance she has grown very well as an artist and continues growing everyday. Although she has many performances under her belt, she says she really does not have any favorites every show brings joy to her by seeing people having fun.

Taylor really blew it out of the water at the American Idol Experience and won the dream ticket. Taylor said this was a wonderful experience, thrilling and terrifying.  Her favorite part of it was seeing the talented people and meeting some amazing new ones. It will not be much longer to where she can use that ticket and America is going to  love her.

The best thing that Taylor loves about performing is seeing people smile, letting them have fun and knowing that she is giving them that enjoyment. When she is out performing she loves to cover Amy Lee. She says she is so beautiful and talented, and her idol. As talented as Taylor is it will not be long before she will have Amy as one of her many fans.

She does sing a lot of covers, but Taylor does love to write. Currently she has over 50 songs written. Taylor says all of the songs she has written are all special to her and comes from her life experiences. You can bet these are going to be great songs and songs everyone should have.

Taylor like most young people today are also into acting. She has already been in a music video called Dreamer. Taylor is also cast in a movie that will begin taping in November called The Awakening. She says she is super excited about that.   She also has her high school play coming up called, Pollyana and Taylor will be playing the role of Pollyana, this will be lots of fun. Not only does she do acting, but modeling too. She has already been on the cover of a magazine.

Taylor’s life has not been all rosy, she has been through some pretty rough times. One of these bad experiences she dealt with is all too familiar, bullying. She was bullied for years and was really down for quite awhile, but she has gotten past all of that through music. Music has always been known as a healer and it does work wonders. Taylor has some gigs coming up and everyone that is close by should go and support this wonderful young lady, you will be glad you did. Taylor rocks!