Taylor Gayle

Taylor Gayle at stars2come

Taylor is an eleven year old with an old soul working hard to live the dream. People may think at first glance that Taylor is just the typical kid, but when she cuts loose with Steamroller Blues, that all goes away. At the legendary Apollo Theater, Taylor did just that. Taylor walked out on that stage and poured her heart out into James Taylor’s Steamroller Blues. The audience filled the theater with screams and whistles. The theater was left in awe of this eleven year old girl. This is the same excitement Taylor is receiving from venue after venue, she is fastly becoming a star.

Taylor has not been a shy girl. At the age of seven she was at an art show with her family and began walking up to people asking if they would like to hear her sing. “I made up my first original song and sang it for everyone who would listen” says Taylor. A local artist there, Leroy Roper made everyone in his gallery be quiet and listen. After this she began singing every chance that came along. Her shows now, are unforgettable.

Taylor now performs everywhere from New York to Texas, and one of her favorite places to perform is Puckett’s in Leipers Fork, Tennessee. This is a small venue with an open mic, and she loves being able to perform with the house band. Out of all the places Taylor has performed, the Apollo still holds the title for the best experience ever for her. “Everyone treated me like I was a professional performer, never did they treat me like a little kid” says Taylor. She had sung there once when she was ten, but this year she has performed there three times already. Her big powerhouse voice allowed her to win two rounds of Amateur Night and 2nd in the semi-finals. “When I won, I felt so special and happy. It was so cool to get a standing ovation at the world famous Apollo Theater” says Taylor. This all made her feel like people cared and believed in her. The Apollo has invited her back next year.

Taylor Gayle at stars2come There are many great artists that Taylor looks up to and covers in her shows. She chooses well when it comes to these artists, like James Taylor, Nina Simone, and Meghan Trainor. All of these artists have made lasting impressions on people worldwide with their songs. To live up to the greatness of these people it takes heart, soul, passion and a big well tuned voice. Taylor is one of those who fits every necessity to pull off songs from them.

It is an important part of being an artist to be able to touch someone that is listening to your music. This is something that keeps Taylor going, being able make someone feel something during her performance. On stage she loves the way it makes her feel as well, no worries in the world just her and music. Taylor is working hard to make a place among those she looks up to in music. She dreams of being a renowned artist filling stadiums all over and longs to hear the fans singing her songs.

As with any great artist, Taylor too is a songwriter. She now has close to one hundred songs written. Taylor has an EP coming out soon, she has spent a year and a half writing it.  Her most recent song she wrote is called, Sophia’s Song. This song is from the perspective of her Godsister who lost her father when she was an infant.  “I am adding this song to my EP and will be donating part of the proceeds  of the song  to the Wodynski Heart Foundation that was started in honor of her father, that died too soon” says Taylor.

Taylor is from Texas, but now resides in Nashville. For those who are able tune into Nashville’s Channel 5  on June 29th at 6 pm to view her interview. She was at the Country Music Hall of Fame when she was interviewed.

From all that is going on with Taylor and her skills as an artist shows, she is not just a kid who likes to sing. Music has consumed her being, and it’s who she is and what is driving her to greatness. A big part of being an artist and performer is to be able to capture and hold an audience, to entertain them to the point where they never forget you, Taylor does that. When performing, she is not a post, she moves, getting into the song making the eyes of the audience stay glued to her. Taylor is rising to stardom, and with each performance she takes another step closer to filling that stadium. After Taylor performs, there’s no forgetting, and no denying her greatness.