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We have another fantastic singer/actress coming up the ranks, and her name is Taylor Haverstick. Taylor has a wonderful sound, it is kind of a Tanya Tucker tone, and this adds a lot of flavor to her songs. Nothing beats an old style sound whether it is pop or country, it just adds so much character to any performance making it very enjoyable.

She was like a lot of kids when they were younger, climbing up on the coffee table and sing no matter if they know the words or not, and this is just how Taylor started out. She didn`t waste much time before she was out on stage singing. When she was two years old, she was  part of a Christmas Concert. She was just an angel in the chorus, but she hopped down from the risers and grabbed the mic, and started singing “Jingle Bells”. After this she was hooked. She began doing summer productions of musicals when she was four years old. She was Chicken Little, in “Chicken Little”, The Little Red Hen, in “The Little Red Hen”. Then her dad started getting her on stage singing with his bluegrass band. Taylor is one girl that once she got started she never stopped. Soon after all this she got involved with a select children`s choir, and with a local theater doing musicals. She has since done seventeen productions and over 300 separate performances in the past four years at the theater. Taylor had a real magical performance when she was in the amateur production of Andrew Lloyd Weber`s, Cats in the Midwest. She played Jemima and got to sing “Memory” with Grizabella, and also her dad was in the production as well. He played Gus, the old theater cat. Another favorite performances was when she sang solo for 80,000 people at a local Fourth of July event.

Taylor`s acting talents are not limited to just theater. She has been in several commercials, and three of them were leads in the Herschend Family theme parks. Also has been in, Care to Learn commercial,   different radio spots and radio jingles.She has recently been in a local film, “The Party Planner”.

When it comes to her singing, she gets a lot of inspiration from people like Allison Krauss, and Celine Dion, which are wonderful people to look up to for music. She says, she loves to sing because she feels that music touches people`s hearts when words can not. If she can make one person smile or cry then she has achieved her musical purpose. Taylor does a lot of singing and acting, but she is a normal girl with big dreams, and she is not afraid to work for them. Taylor would like everyone to know that she is very humbled by all the positive feedback she has been getting. Taylor is truly amazing at everything she does, making her a fantastic entertainer. Keep up with Taylor so you do not miss anything she does.