Taylor Hughes


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There has been so many great artists coming from Kentucky, and you can add another to that growing number. Taylor Hughes is now making her way in country music. In June she performed in Nashville and done an outstanding job. She has great expression when she delivers a song and very good stage presence.

Taylor has been singing ever since she was little, but she had only performed for choir in school. It was not until her trip to Nashville did she perform alone.  She rolled in to the Nashville Palace and sang like she had been performing for several years. There was no way that anyone would have known this to be her debut performance. Not only did she give a great performance, but she also has never had any vocal training. This wonderful voice has just appeared out of know where, and now she has no where to go but up. As long as she continues to get out and perform, she will gain popularity very quickly. She said, with this being her first real performance she was nervous, but after she got going everything became comfortable. It was a great experience for her and had a great time. It may have been her first performance, but she made such a great showing that she has been invited back for the Nashville Spotlight TV show. She is very excited about that.

Taylor has some great people that she looks up to in music, and gets her inspiration from. Carrie Underwood and Christina Aguilera are the ones that tops her list. She really likes these two for their powerful and beautiful voices, and has been very successful, which is something Taylor strives for. Singing is something that just comes natural for her, and a great way to express herself. She likes to share her voice with people she cares about and letting them enjoy some good music. Now that she has let people hear that great voice of hers, people will be begging her to perform.

Ever since Taylor was little she knew deep down that singing is what she really wanted to do, and something she was passionate about. She says, that she would love to make a career as a pop or country artist. She loves singing so much that this would make the perfect job. Anytime someone does something they love and enjoy doing they are a success. It will be great watching Taylor`s career grow and flourish. This might have been her first, but you can bet it will not be her last.