Temara Melek “Pour It On Sweet”

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We have a major triple threat coming out of LA, and her name is Temara Melek. Temara has an awesome new pop sound, and that voice of hers will melt the hearts of all the teen boys. This girl just does it all, sing, dance, and act. Temara is someone who does not do anything half way. When she performs, she brings it all to the table giving you an outstanding performance.

For Temara the first song she ever sang was “Candle on the Water”, at age five. Then came her first public performance at the Westin Arts Academy in Colorado, and soon moved on to State and International pageants singing for the  talent portions of the shows. One of her favorite performances was when she was nine years old singing “I Want It Now” from Willy Wonka for an international competition. She had so much fun doing this, she had the whole costume including the golden egg. Here recently she performed in Hollywood Ca. June 2011, at Level 3. She loved doing this performance because she got to perform her original song “Pour It On Sweet”. Temara says, that it was an amazing venue, and had a lot of support from her family and friends making for a great night.

Temara has won many awards, some of which include Best Character Vocal at a international competition, she won a gold medal at The World Championships of performing Arts, and was the runner up to the AAMTC International talent of the year. Temara gets a lot of her inspiration from Britney Spears. She says, she loves that Britney is such a talented performer and incorporates her amazing dance skills with her music. Temara also plans on incorporating dance with her music, and have a long career the same as Britney. She could do just that.  Temara has been dancing since she was four years old and has studied all genres, but her favorite is hip hop. With all her skills, she will be a force to be reckoned with, and you can bet Temara will be around for a very long time.

Temara is someone with a big heart. She has recently been awarded a statewide award for her community service, and was featured on a TV show honoring her. Volunteering has been a big part of her life, and she has even started her own group called “Little Wishes and Big Dreams”, which has donated over 75,000 dollars to local and national children’s charities.   Each year she also does a Trick or Treat for UNICEF fundraiser.

It is a very good chance that you have seen Temara several times on TV. She has been in commercials for EZ Curler, The Humane Society, and Intramed plus many others. She was also in the movie 16-Love, and TV shows such as The Doctors, Standing Tall, and many others. She has taken her dance talents to video. Temara has been in several music videos lending her skills as a dancer. She has been in the music videos of Mindless Behaviors, Mrs Right, and Love Confusion.

Temara is just so full of talent and leaves no stone unturned this includes songwriting. Her new single out “Pout it on Sweet”, is one of her creations, and it is awesome. This was her interpretation of how some boys are. She says, they try and sweeten you up with words, actions, and acting cool trying to impress their friends, but  girls can see right through that. It is about having to prove there is more to you than that, to win the girl over. This is a great song and her vocals are among the best out there. You do not want to miss getting your copy of her new single “Pour it on Sweet“, get it now! Temara done a great job with her new single, but be on the look out for more great songs coming from her very soon. She is working on two more, and one of them that will be coming out is about her love of dance, letting go, and having fun. Be sure to watch for this release, you can bet it will be outstanding. She takes all her ideas for her songs straight form her life experiences making her music more meaningful, and allowing anyone who listens to connect with the song.

Temara works very hard at everything she does, and she is grateful to all her fans. You can keep track of Temara and all her new songs and projects at her web site, Temara Melek.