Thais Rodriguez

Thais Rodriguez at stars2come


 Thais, is another bright and shinning star on the rise out of Miami.  She can be very energetic on stage, or when the song calls for it, she can be very emotional and graceful with her movements and presentation of a song. This young lady is great when she is in front of a camera,  a true TV star quality, and her vocals are amazing, with great control, and a very beautiful tone to her voice.

 Thais with her amazing voice, started out at age seven, and once she started singing she did not waste any time when it came to performing. In just three short months after she began to sing, she started performing. After starting she has been on a roll doing a lot of great things with her talent. This big hearted young lady went to perform at the Joe Dimaggio children’s hospital. She said, It was really amazing to go and give support to the sick children, and it was a great experience. In September 2010 she got to go and perform at Disney this was a real blast for her, because not only did she get to perform, but go see all the different theme parks at Disney. Also she got to stay at the hotel with her best friend Kyra Mejia.


Thais Rodriguez at stars2come


 Thais is not fooling around when it comes to her talent, she is making sure everyone is taking notice, and they are. She took her talent to a Spanish TV show  in Florida called  “Aqui Todos Ganan”, and here she won first prize. She entered into another competition for singing/piano called, “Stage Masters”. In this competition she won eight awards, plus was crowned Ms. Stage Master and even got a sash. Thais then entered into a christian competition called, “Juventud Brilla” (youth shines), taking third place. This is not all you can expect from Thais, be-sure to keep an eye on “Eva Luna” where she will be appearing soon. Thais`s talent is non-stop.

 Thais loves music and one of her goals is to satisfy her audience, and she says, when she gets a large applause, then she knows she has accomplished that. How ever if she gets a small applause then she knows she needs to add more energy or feeling to what she is singing. This is a very professional attitude knowing when to adjust your performance in order to capture your audience. Thais does put 100% in her performances, and she believes that with a little more training she will become a star. She says, that anyone who has a dream and sticks to it will have their result. Thias is very dedicated to her music. Along with this and the way she looks at the positive side of things she too, will realize her dream.