Thalia Tran

Thalia Tran at stars2come




Thalia is truly an adorable young lady who has recently decided to bring her talents to YouTube for the world to see and hear. At just seven years old, Thalia is already playing songs like, The Rose, Someone Like You, and Jar Of Hearts on piano, and singing right along with it. It is a rare treat to stumble across someone who is just at the beginning of their musical career and watch them grow from the very start. She does so well with the piano and singing at this early stage, that in a couple of years she will be one of the big stars of the internet that everyone wants to see and can’t wait for her next song, and then, it is on to bigger things.

Thalia only started playing the piano about a year and a half ago and she is already saying that she likes playing songs that are more of a challenge like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. She likes these artists because they have really high, highs and really low, lows. Thalia takes piano lessons for 30 minutes every week and each week she practices for 100 minutes. She says, she really enjoys playing because it helps her with her singing and she gets to choose the tempo. She works really hard on her music so everyone who listens will enjoy it as much as she enjoys playing and singing. It really makes her feel good to know people are enjoying her music. Thalia says she already knows how to singing many songs and she wants to learn them on piano to put on YouTube for all to enjoy.  Playing piano and singing, just makes her happy!

Thalia has not been just performing for YouTube, she has already been out performing around other places too. She performed at her recitals this year at school, and sang the National Anthem at her swim meets last summer. Singing the National Anthem at her swim meets was one of her favorites because at one of them there were around 500 to 600 people attending. It was her first time performing in front of a large crowd. She enjoyed this the most because no one expected her to sing well, but in the end everyone really like her performance and gave her a standing ovation. She also enjoyed performing for her classmates and teacher. She enjoyed this so much because as she was performing more and more people who passed by joined  the audience. She said by the time she finished the crowd had grown to not only her classmates and teacher, but also students from other classes, teachers, parents and even her principle. This year she also entered a PTA contest called “Reflections”, and won second place for her age group with a original song she composed.

She really hopes that someday to be a famous singer and be good enough to sing a duet with Mariah Carey or Kelly Clarkson. At the current rate that she is learning and performing it is a great possibility that her dream will become a reality. Everything starts with a dream and Thalia has a wonderful dream, and it will be an amazing experience to watch that dream come true.  Thalia, you are a very talented young lady.