The Brewer Boys

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Here is some amazing harmony, this duo is spectacular at it. The Brewer Boys has made a big name for themselves with their great harmony. These two talented brothers with their amazing skills for music made their way all the way to the X-Factor. Unfortunately they did not win, but it takes some outstanding talent to even be on that show, and The Brewer Boys have it. They said, that the X-Factor will probably be the best thing that has happened to them. There was a lot of hard work, excitement, exposure and opportunities the show provided that will be a positive experience that they will carry with them from now on. For them being apart of a project with insanely talented people and be able to network with great people in the music industry was priceless. They are very grateful to have had the opportunity, and if they get the opportunity again, there is a good chance you will see them again on X-Factor.

Justin was eight and Nathan was six when they first started performing. Their first performances were at school plays and talent shows. They just kept going up from there. Their first big concert came in 2009, for Romona Music Association “Music Under The Stars”. This was the boys first ticketed event in a really nice open air setting with a full band. Last December they performed a benefit show for Oak Grove Center, at the Monte de Oro Winery, this was a sold out event. In 2010 they were apart of a local country music group (West Coast Country Music Association) and traveled to Tennessee to compete in a singing competition and won New Country Duo of the Year award.

The Brewer Boys has had a lot of influences for their music from the beginning until now. They were exposed to a lot of country music, classic rock, Everly Brothers, and Johnny Cash. After Nathan picked up the mandolin, they even started listening to some bluegrass music and learning bluegrass. How ever their “Newgrass” sound is a combination of Bob Dylan, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Mumford & Sons. They really like the acoustic sound of this group and would like to develop a “feel good” sound on their music.

They have been getting into songwriting, with about 10 songs so far. They are currently finishing a CD with all original music. One of the songs they have that is special to them is, Justin’s first song, “Something About You”, it was about his first teenage love. The boys really enjoy singing. For Justin it is a great way of expressing himself no matter what time of day or mood. Nathan he loves playing the harmonies, it’s a “feel good” thing for him. They hope to get signed one day, and take their music everywhere and share it with as many people as they can. They hope to make a difference and empower the youth.

The Brewer Boys have a lot of local performances coming up and they are excited about performing with their band again. They will also be traveling out of the country to look at other possibilities for their music. They are a great duo and no matter where they go people will love the great chemistry they have. The harmonies are out of this world, and extremely talented with their instruments. The Brewer Boys have a lot to offer the world with their music, and they are always enjoyable to listen to. Keep track of their performances at The Brewer Boys Music.