The Christopher Brothers


There has been many great boy bands to come along and now The Christopher Brothers can be added to that list. These guys have the sound and look that just might make them one of the greatest ever. They are taking their music coast to coast and no one can get enough. What ever town the trio goes to perform, they will need to have the paramedics on hand to revive all the girls from their melted hearts. The Christopher Brothers are taking the music and teen world by storm.

 The Christopher Brothers have performed together since 2009. In August 2009 the band had their first gig at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Southern California. This beginning has led them from one end of the country to the other. The band consists of Cameron Christopher the drummer and sings lead and background. Charles Christopher the lead guitarist and sings lead and background. Ethan Christopher plays bass and sings lead and background. Being all brothers, this gives them an edge over many other bands because they are already tight, and a connection only family can have.

The music biz takes a lot of hard work, in and out of the studio perfecting songs and performances. The Christopher Brothers are proof that hard work does pay off. The trio now have many live performances to their name. This group has no need for backing tracks. When they come to your town, it is all them.

The_Christopher_Brothers at stars2come

The Christopher Brothers had the honor of performing with the Marina Del Rey Summer Symphony with an 80 piece symphony “A Tribute To The Beatles”. They were the band to perform the Beatles songs with the symphony, as well as perform their own music. They say it was everyone involved from the producers to the audience that made it all amazing.

This past July 23rd they performed at Vidcon in Anaheim at the Firetalk booth. They had a big show at the Time Warner Center Shops at Columbus Circle in New York on July 28th. This was a big event with The Christopher Brothers performing a two-hour show. Robert Graham the designer, sponsored their outfits. After the show they hosted a meet and greet in their store with Whole Foods supplying the food.

 A lot of great things have been happening with the trio and TV appearances is part of it. They have done two morning shows so far. The shows were Good Day Columbus and Fox 2 Now St. Louis. On the shows they performed their original music a song called, “Smile”, along with an interview.  The Christopher Brothers were touring and performing in those cities.

When The Christopher Brothers is out performing they do a lot of their own music, but they also like performing covers. While there are so many great artists out there, the brothers do like covering Green Day and Blink 182. The boys say these two bands have amazing songs and are just fun to play.

 There are many videos the band has shot. They all have great music and fun to watch. The trio have a new video that will be released in the fall called, The Girl Next Door. The boys say this video was a lot of fun to shoot because, it is fun and silly. In this video they are running around and just singing, no instruments so that gives them more freedom to be creative.

The Christopher Brothers are very creative. They are in the studio regular developing their own music. With thirty-five songs written and fifteen of those recorded their creativity is coming to light and everyone loves it. They have a song out now called, “And Now I’m In Love Again” playing at supermarkets and Walgreen’s throughout the US. The trio does have a mix of songs, Carmen writes more pop and Charles writes rock. This gives the band a good variety. Some of their ideas for their songs comes from melodies that pop in their heads or inspired by girls and other situations.

 Watching these guys perform, you can see they are out just having a blast and that is important so the audience has a good time as well. They say when they are performing and see the crowd enjoying their music, that gives them great energy making for an even better show. Their goal is to have people worldwide listening to their music and coming out to see them live. It is their creativity and style that will propel them and their music worldwide. The Christopher Brothers is the next big thing!