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The Toy Shoppe at stars2come

The Toy Shoppe is the hottest new show to hit Branson Missouri, starring Billy Dean and Chloe Channell from America’s Got Talent. While there are many great shows in Branson, The Toy Shoppe held at the Starlite Theater is quickly becoming a favorite to all who stop in and see the show. After watching this great show it is easy  to see why it is growing and becoming everyone’s favorite. This show really has it all, it has comedy, music, toys that come to life and a great cast that makes it all happen. The Toy Shoppe is truly a wholesome show for the whole family, it will make you laugh, wonder and cry, it is a heartwarming show that will stick with you for a longtime to come.

The Toy Shoppe was created by Kenny Rogers and has been seen on Broadway and has spent several years on the road and has now made its way to Branson. For all those years Hank Longley had been played by Kenny Rogers, but now the role has been passed on to Billy Dean. Billy is amazing playing Hank. Hank is the owner of the Toy Shoppe which has been passed down through the family and is facing a takeover by a ruthless business man. The shop is often visited by children and once they learn of the possible takeover they do their best to try and keep Hank’s spirits up and believe things can happen. Some amazing things do happen at the shop once everyone leaves. After everyone has gone, the magic begins and the toys come to life. These are very talented toys too, singing and dancing, and even one monkey that flies through the air, but the toys too worry about what is happening to the shop.

The Toy Shoppe at stars2comeThe Toy Shoppe is a big success and much of this comes from the amazing cast. They are all extremely talented, but after spending some time with members of the cast talking and observing it is like they are all just one big family. They laugh,  joke and  share stories with each other, they truly do care about one another and it is this bond they have that brings this story to life. Its the caring nature they have off stage that ends up warming your heart so much on stage. Even though they may be actors, some things cannot be hidden and the joy you see on stage is not acting, the same joy is  found off stage as well.

While there I had the great pleasure of talking with a couple of the cast member’s and one of these was Madeline Grace Popovich. Madeline plays Rosemary and no matter if she is Rosemary or Madeline she is a pure joy to be around, she is always happy and smiling. No matter if you are just sitting her personality makes it fun, and it shows on stage. Madeline was kind enough to talk a little about her part and the show. Rosemary is one of the 6 kids that come into the Toy Shoppe daily to hear all the great stories about the toys from Hank. Madeline says some of the things in the show she likes are where she sings Silent Night and when Hank gives her a toy called Hero which he thinks should not be in a box. Madeline was asked why she thought the show was such a good thing, she said, ” Because it is a fun story with toys in it and they interact with the audience, like when they are throwing plastic balls out into the audience and there are also times when it is really sentimental and talks about how one of the characters is an angel”. Madeline has been in about 30 shows now so far and she really liked the opening show the best, because Kenny Rogers was there to watch them. The story means a lot to Madeline and she says it tells her that you can put the phone down sometimes and spend time with family. She also says that since the show started the people she talked with after each show all loved it.

The Toy Shoppe at stars2come Another amazing character that I got to speak with was Chloe Channell who sings some amazing songs in the show. One of the songs she sings is at the opening just before the story begins called “Where’s The Line To See Jesus” and her delivery of this song will touch your heart every-time she sings it, winning over everyone in the audience. Chloe won the hearts of many on America’s Got Talent and now she is winning them on stage as Katie. Chloe says what she likes most about the story is it talks about putting away the electronics and take in all the successful things we have in life besides electronics, looking back to more simpler times. She loves a lot of things about being in the show, like the singing and dancing, but it is mostly the singing and the people, she loves to see people smile. Chloe also loves singing with Billy Dean and because she was already familiar with his music, it made it that much better. Being from Florida she thought it would be tough without her friends, but she has made many new friends that she enjoys being with every day. For her the show is a lot of work, but at the same time it is fun. After the show during the meet and greets she says she gets so many great compliments and that everyone just loves the show, and how it steals their hearts and minds.

Chloe and Madeline along with the rest of the amazing cast do work very hard, but they all love it and it shows in every performance. It is the great chemistry of the cast members and the well written story that keeps winning the hearts of every person who sees it. I was there for 2 shows and both received standing ovations, and this has been the case for each show since it began. Once you see this for yourself you will fall in love with the it. The characters will touch your heart, and you will want to see it again and again. Make your plans today to go see The Toy Shoppe it will be one of the best decisions you have made. The Toy Shoppe at the Starlite Theater in Branson Mo.

The Toy Shoppe at stars2come“The Toy Shoppe” Don’t Miss It!