The Veayo Twins

Veayo Twins at stars2come

 Here is something that you are not going to see often, a beautiful twin duo. Meet Kristen and Katherine “The Veayo Twins”, and these two girls puts out some music that is just as beautiful as they are. Everything they do is so perfectly sinked, that it must be a twin thing. There are a lot of great duos that fit together, but not like this. Their vocals are fantastic.

 The twins began sing as far back as they can remember, but they did start at the sametime. They are currently takeing vocal training from Virgil Bozeman, at The Kennebec Conservatory. They both add their special talents to their performances, Kristen is a guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist, while Katherine is a drumer, keyboardist, and back up vocals. They first started performing in the sixth grade at school talent shows, but they started performing publicly just three years ago. They had fun performing at The Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, Webster Hall in New York, and at the Jonas Brothers/ESPN Road Dogs softball challenge at New Britain Stadium, Conneticut they performed the National Anthem in which Virgil Bozeman wrote the arrangement.


Veayo twins at stars2come

 They got with a band FYVE about two years ago. With the band they won the Grand prize at the Music On & Up Showcase at The Hard Rock Cafe in Boston. They took third place in New England`s best teen band competition at Gillette Stadium, top five or better in Maine`s Rock Off, and top ten in the Northeast for the Nation wide School Jam USA competition.

 When it comes to writing Kristen has written all their songs, around forty of them. “Starting With Me” was written about going green and helping out the community. Kristen likes “Who I Am” because it is about who she is. Kristen and Katherine are ding quite well they have had the pleasure of being on TV two times so far. They performed live on local Fox 23 and on the CBS Morning show last spring. These girls have a lot going for them, they are uniqiue, have a great sound, and write some awesome songs. This is the best way to stand out from the rest, be different, and they are certainly that.