Theodora at stars2come




It is great to have Theodora back on stars2come again. She has been really doing well with her music, and always putting up some great tunes. She is from Romania, and often in her videos she is showing off some beautiful scenery from there. The places they go to film always fits the song very well. Most of the video ideas comes from her father, but Theo and her mom takes care of wardrobe.

She does mostly pop songs, but here recently she dove into country, and what an amazing job she did with it. It was brought to her attention during a recent interview with her that she had a great voice for the country, and should do more of it. What ever songs she does decided on in the future you can bet they will be fantastic. Her accent gives the songs she sings in English a whole fresh sound. Theo also has a great personality that comes out well when she performs a song. She is a happy go lucky girl that just charms people, and it all radiates out in her videos. This holds true as well in person. After doing a  live interview with her, it was easy to see just how happy she is. She has a wonderful sense of humor, and you almost hate to stop talking with her. She is a real treat! It has been a pleasure to know Theo, and a even greater pleasure to get to do a live interview with Theo herself. Please sit back and enjoy the interview, and learn a bit more about Theo, and her music.